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Photos: ‘One-in-a-Million’ White Buffalo Born in Montana

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Jonathan Mast / Unsplash)

A “one-in-a-million” white buffalo calf born earlier this summer has Native American tribes in Montana celebrating. Photos of the “extremely rare” white buffalo surfaced on the Internet this week.

The Great Falls Tribune reports that the female calf was born at the Bitterroot Valley Bison Ranch around two months ago. Last week, about 30 people from all seven tribes in Montana gathered to celebrate the birth of the calf.

Not only is the white buffalo calf rare, but also, many tribal members in Montana feel that the animal holds spiritual power and cultural significance.

Native Americans Explain the Significance of the White Buffalo

Blair Gopher, a member of the Blackfeet and Ojibwe tribes, spoke out about the significance of the extraordinary animal. She claims the buffalo is a symbol from the Great Spirit.

“We are thankful to the Creator for sending the calf. It’s seen as a warning and a blessing,” he said.

Glenn Gopher, who conducted the ceremony, explained how special the calf’s birth was for him personally. “It was the most beautiful appearance,” Glenn said. “I’m sure I will never see anything like that in my lifetime again.”

Furthermore, Glenn considers the birth of the calf as a symbol of unrest in the country.

“I think the reason the Creator sent this calf here is because of all the injustice that’s been done,” Glenn said. “Our country is in serious chaos. We have this virus and we have racial injustice. Our world is corrupt.”

Glenn views the buffalo as a gift and a blessing. “She shows that we need to love and respect one another. Refrain from hatred and racism. Love and respect are what’s missing in this country; our lawmakers are out of hand. We prayed for peace and harmony for all of mankind,” he said.

Craig Knowles, a wildlife biologist who has worked with buffalo for around 25 years, spoke out about how “extremely rare” the white buffalo is.

“Since people have started breeding bison, in the last 20 years or so, more white calves have been born. The whiteness is a recessive gene, but it’s important to know that some of them don’t retain their whiteness as adults,” he said. 

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