PHOTOS: Tour McDonald’s Executive Ray Kroc’s Massive $29 Million Ranch 

by Keeli Parkey

Apparently, selling hamburgers can really, really, really, really, really make you bank. Well, that is if you are Ray Kroc. He, of course, is the founder of the famous worldwide fast-food chain, McDonald’s.

Thanks to his wildly popular restaurant chain, Kroc became a very rich man. So, unsurprisingly, he spent some of his millions on a massive home. That residence is a $29 million ranch that can be found in the Santa Ynez Valley, according to PopCulture. This is an area located near the Santa Barbara area in the state of California. You can check out photos of this spectacular home by clicking here.

This property owned by the McDonald’s founder reportedly sits on 554 acres in its California neighborhood. It is known as the J & R Double Arch Ranch. The property includes more than 17,000 square feet of living space. Of that 17,000 square feet of living space, 3,000 feet of that is taken up by one living alone. That’s right – one living room is 3,000 square feet in size!

If you love the fast-food chain and you have $29 million to spend, the property might just be the place for you. It is reportedly for sale.

Some Famous McDonald’s Menu Items Were Thought of at the Ranch Owned By Ray Kroc

In addition to being home of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, the ranch was also where he brought members of his company to develop new ideas. At the ranch, he hosted meetings and retreats where the leadership of the company could brainstorm ideas for the famous chain. According to PopCulture, ideas for both the Egg McMuffin and the McRib were developed at the famous Kroc ranch.

Having the ranch be a place where he and his team could be able to create new menu items was apparently important for Ray Kroc.

“Kroc ensured that there was plenty of space to hold business meetings on his property, from gatherings of 100 people or more to small staff meetings. The result is a number of halls, grand living rooms and long tables, all with different capacities,” the June 2021 article also said.

The multi-million dollar property also includes such fun amenities as a pool table, an indoor gym, tennis courts, and volleyball courts. It also wouldn’t be considered a ranch without paddocks, barns, and corrals.

McDonald’s was led by Ray Kroc until 1974. He retired from his spot as the lead of the company that year. Unfortunately, he did not get to spend many years in retirement. He passed away in 1984. Kroc was 81 years at the time of his death.

After he passed away, Ray Kroc’s widow, Joan Kroc, donated much of what he had earned during his life. The ownership of their J & R Double Arch Ranch was in question after Ray’s death. Even so, the property was on the market during the summer of 2021.