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Pilots Eject Themselves as Military Plane Crashes into Lake Worth, Texas Neighborhood

by Courtney Blackann
(Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Investigators are still determining what events led a military plane to crash into a Fort Worth neighborhood Sunday afternoon. The military craft, a Navy T45C-GOSHAWK trainer, crashed into some power lines near the Texas neighborhood, destroying property. However, the pilots were able to eject. Though pilots are known for their skilled maneuvers, sometimes accidents still happen.

According to People magazine, Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian announced the crash in a news release shortly after the events.

“Our police units responded and initial units reported that one pilot had ejected and was caught in some power lines and another pilot had ejected and was found in the neighborhood nearby,” Manoushagian said.

While three homes were involved in the accident via debris, no residents were hurt in the accident, the press release went on to announce.

“This incident could’ve been much worse knowing that this plane went down in a residential area here in Lake Worth,” Lake Worth Fire Department Chief Ryan Arthur said.

He added that the Red Cross was on the scene assisting to make sure everyone involved is okay.

Pilots’ Cause of Crash Unknown

The two pilots involved were conducting a routine flight operation when the crash occurred. It’s still undetermined what caused the accident. The jet came from the Training Air Wing 2 at the Naval Air Station in Kingsville.

It took off from the Corpus Christi International Airport before flying over Fort Worth. A witness heard a crash and saw debris.

“I was in my car on [State Highway] 199 right in front of the donut shop when the pilot landed on the power lines,” Cara Camp told the outlet. “While driving, I heard a loud explosion and debris was hitting the car.” Kaitlyn Deramus also told KXAS-TV.

The woman became extremely concerned for her neighbors. Dreamus worried they might be hurt and ran to the scene to see how she could help.

“I knew there are old ladies in that house that it happened at and I was banging on their door but they wouldn’t come out because they thought it was just a car, so I grabbed them out,” she said. “The house behind that, I ran over to the next street and got that lady out of that house because she’s paralyzed and she needed to get out.”

Dreamus also said that she immediately feared for some of the elderly residents in the neighborhood. She felt they might not be able to escape the falling debris.

“I’m having anxiety, but all I wanted to do was save those old ladies because I’ve known them since I was really, really, little,” she said. “They’re okay physically.”

The two pilots’ status is unknown, though because they were able to eject, officials believe they survived. Investigations will continue, authorities said.