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Plane Crashes in California Neighborhood Damaging at Least 2 Homes

by Shelby Scott
Photo Taken In Genova, Italy

A California neighborhood saw major catastrophe Monday afternoon when a small plane crashed into the state’s San Diego County area. The crash happened around noon, the plane landing two to three blocks from Santana High School.

According to Fox News, two homes received damage in the crash and two individuals went to the hospital following. Currently, outlets have no further information as to additional injuries or fatalities. However, new developments continue to surface.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department emphasized via social media that residents should avoid the area near the site. They pointed to the 9900 block of North Magnolia Avenue. Authorities added that the Santee Fire Department, as well as other first responders, were at the scene of the crash. They promised to share more information as it becomes available.

Following the crash, the local high school went into a “Secure Campus” status. However, later in the afternoon, Santana High School received the okay from officials to release students.

Fox also shared images from the crash that showed a home engulfed in flames. Black smoke rises from the scene following the impact.

Russia Suffers Its Own Tragic Plane Crash

Authorities and first responders continue to work the site of the plane crash, releasing information as it comes. Unfortunately, Russia also saw its own tragic plane crash this week. The crash, which took place Sunday, came during a routine training mission that carried parachutists from the Menzelinsky flying club.

Reports state that the engine L-410 carried 22 parachute jumpers with the crash killing 16 of those onboard. Of the 16 who died, two of the victims were the plane’s pilots Mikhail Belyaev (50) and Alexander Zykov (51). Six of the parachutists received injuries but were rescued from the crash.

The U.S. Sun further shared that the pilots managed to direct the plane prior to crashing away from any residential areas. And while authorities did find the plane to have engine troubles, they also believe the craft had been overloaded, contributing to the catastrophe.

Witnesses reported they saw the craft flying low over nearby trees prior to the accident. The plane stopped after crashing into a Tartarstan lumberyard.

Additionally, what makes the crash even more interesting ties to its prior use. Originally, the craft belonged to the USSR Airforce. After its service within the military, it spent time in storage before seeing use from the club. It had been an active craft since 1987, the accident coming decades later.