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Plane Plunges Into Ocean Killing Australian Family & Pilot

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Frank Molter/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A father and two young children were reportedly killed alongside a pilot when an Australian plane plummeted into the ocean minutes after takeoff.

According to The Sun, the plane crashed off the end of the runway in Queensland’s Moreton Bay located in Australia around 9 a.m. on Sunday (December 19th). The plane’s 67-year-old pilot Roy Waterson died alongside a 41-year-old Brisbane father and his daughter and son. The children were ages 10 and 9. The group was taking a pleasure fight northwest of Brisbane, Queensland when the plane suddenly plummeted. Officials speculate that the plane had engine trouble after takeoff. 

Witnesses also shared with media outlets that the plane actually flipped when the pilot was returning to the landing strip. The footage shows the four-seater plane underwater and upside-down. The onlookers also saw empty stretches from a fire and rescue truck. Police boat crews and divers responded and began their investigations.

Queensland Police Commission Speaks Out About Plane Crash 

Queensland Police Commissioner, Katarina Carroll, stated that that plane is in a very difficult position in the wetland area. “We have currently got police and divers traveling to that area.”

Police Inspector Craig White also shared that divers were able to recover the bodies of two adults, which included the pilot. They also recovered the two children from the upturned plane. He explained, “This is the last thing that any family needs to go through this time of the year.”

White also shared with ABC Net, “I understand it was a joy flight. It was pre-arranged. There was a number of family of the pilot that were at the Redcliffe aerodrome at the time of the accident.”

White then told reporters that the pilot’s family is deeply traumatized by the incident. He explained that another aircraft that was in the area found the plane upside in shallow water near the mangroves. 

Australian Transport Safety Bureau chief commissioner Angus Mitchell then declared that his organization is investigating the crash. Early reports do indicate that the small airliner crashed shortly after takeoff. But a full investigation will determine the cause of the tragic incident. NDTV reports the Air Transport Safety Bureau said additional investigators from the national capital Canberra will assist in the probe.

“Equally anything we can get from the aircraft itself,” Mitchell explains. “Any types of recorders that may have been aboard the aircraft and any other information, such as witnesses, to confirm exactly what stage of flight [the crash happened].”

Meanwhile, authorities go on to add that it may take some time to retrieve the complete wreckage from the crash site.  Mitchell says the report into the likely cause of the crash will be complete anywhere between six to eight weeks.