Plane Propeller Smashes Into Cabin After Striking Bird

by Shelby Scott

Flight delays have been a headlining topic since the holidays concluded. Now, however, a commercial aircraft landing in South Africa encountered a completely different set of problems when a bird slammed into one of its propellers so hard, it sent the plane fragment crashing through a cabin window, splintering the wall on the opposite side of the cabin.

According to the New York Post, the plane, a Jetstream JS-41, had been approaching Venetia Mine in South Africa when the terrifying incident occurred. The bird wound up striking the propellor on the right-hand side of the aircraft. It caused the propellor to snap it from its hub, sending the splintered fragment into the cabin.

Images show the blade entered an area of seats fortunately empty of passengers. Splinters from the propeller littered the specified area of the cabin.

In another lucky stroke, no passengers or flight staff were harmed although it certainly created quite a scare. The Johannesburg airline, Airlink, confirmed the fact with a statement that read, “None of the passengers or crew were injured although the aircraft sustained substantial damage.”

For now, the plane remains grounded at Venetia airfield. The news outlet reports that appropriate authorities, the South African Civil Aviation Authority, plan to conduct an investigation. As of now, the plane awaits “SACAA’s inspection and a full damage assessment.”

San Diego Neighborhood Witnesses Blazing Plane Crash

Fortunately for our South African passengers, the extreme bird incident resulted in no human injury or death. With close quarters considered, the fact is miraculous.

However, just after Christmas, a San Diego, California neighborhood witnessed an entirely different kind of collision as a Learjet 35 crash-landed and immediately went up in bright blue and orange flames. On December 28th, at about 7:15 p.m. local time, neighbors near the crash heard the plane approaching, the sound getting significantly louder.

Descriptions from the ground convey the horror of the event.

One nearby resident said, “Normally [the planes] get loud because we live right by the airport. But it got really, really loud and all of a sudden…we just saw bright blue and orange flashing lights and we heard the electricity running.”

Afterward, the source shared, “after that, we heard the plane actually crash. We ran out immediately and there was a ton of smoke everywhere. All we saw was fire and smoke.”

Fortunately, miraculously, no fatalities or injuries took place on the ground. However, after local first responders doused the flames, authorities couldn’t identify how many people were occupying the plane.

Journalist Adonis Albright confirmed the fact in a Tweet with, “Officials say they couldn’t find any survivors in the small jet crash. They still don’t know how many people were on board.”

Additionally, due to the region’s close-knit quarters, more than 2,800 customers lost power due to the crash. The violent landing brought down nearby powerlines and caused threatening situations for nearby residents. Local authorities urged residents to stay clear of the area as personnel cleared the wreck.