Polaris Announces 2023 Snowmobile Lineup: ‘Ride in Ways You’ve Only Dreamed About’

by Victoria Santiago

Polaris Snowmobiles has recently revealed its 2023 snowmobile lineup. This lineup is faster and better than ever. Not only is this range faster and better, but it also contains new hypersleds and new engines. The 2023 range will be made using the latest factory mod engine called the Patriot 9R, and the new ProStar S4 engine with 4-stroke efficiency.

Basically, no matter what you use your snowmobile for, Polaris has you covered. All of the models available in the 2023 range are made to travel more miles than ever. Of course, there are updates and improvements that have been made to the lineup to make it absolutely dreamy.

Polaris Snowmobile Lineup By Category

Let’s get right into the snowmobiles that Polaris will offer. You’ll have 24 different models in total that you can choose from. In addition, there are seven different categories to choose from: Polaris Mountain, Crossover, Trail, Recreation, Widetrack, New Rider, and Youth snowmobiles.

There are a couple of big differences in this year’s lineup, and we’ll get to those in a second. There are sleds available for virtually any type of rider, though.

Regardless of which one you choose, Polaris promises that you’ll be able to “ride in ways you’ve only dreamed about.” They’re pretty confident in that, too, since they’ve got that phrase right at the top of the lineup page.

Firstly, they’re introducing what they call “the world’s first no-compromise” hypersleds. These models are made for on-trail handling in the forest. They come with the Patriot Boost engine. This engine has 10% more power than the 850 Patriot engine.

The models with this update are called the Patriot Boost Indy VR1 and the Patriot Boost Switchback Assault.

Of course, that’s not the only sled update that Polaris is offering. They also have updated their mountain lineup, which is perfect for steep terrain and deep snow. Overall, these sleds are referred to as the Rocky Mountain Kings (RMKs). These snowmobiles come with the latest factory mod engine, which is a 900cc Patriot. According to AutoEvolution, this engine helps riders keep a smooth level of control over the vehicle.

The models available with this update are called the Pro RMK Slash and the RMK Khaos Slash.

2023 Range Is Completely Customizable

Once you go online and pick out your snowmobile, the real fun starts. You can customize your sled. Some of the models are more flexible than others. You can choose your color, your starter, and more. There’s a wide variety of accessories that you can choose to add to your snowmobile. You can add style, protection, maintenance, utility, and storage accessories. For a little extra money, you can make your snowmobile completely your own.

To “SnowCheck” the model you pick (or create), you’ll have to submit your order to your dealer by March 24, 2022. You’ll also need to go to the dealer in person and put down a $500 deposit.