Police Answer 4-Year-Old’s Emergency Call to Come Check Out His Toys

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)

We’re all passionate about something and whatever that may be, we’re typically happy to talk about it or share it with others. This is especially true with a 4-year-old who made an emergency call to the police to check out his toys. In a heartwarming response, the police obliged his request.

The New York Post reports a New Zealand boy made the call this week requesting police to come over and check out his toy collection. An officer not only confirmed the request but heeded it and affirmed the collection is cool.

The call starts out rather straightforward, with the dispatcher asking if there is an emergency. The 4-year-old responds with “Hi,” and then a shy “Police lady?” Humoring the boy, she asks what’s going on. The boy cutely replies “Um, can I tell you something?” After getting the go-ahead, he tells the dispatcher he has some toys for her. The boy then asks her to come over when his father takes over the call.

The father confirms the call is a mistake and his son slipped away from him while he was watching his other child. He then informs the dispatcher their mother is sick and he’s trying to take care of her. The call ends, but later on, the dispatcher tells field units there is a 4-year-old wanting to show off his toys. Constable Kurt answers the call and says he’ll go see the child’s toys.

Arriving shortly afterward, Kurt apparently had a “good, educational chat” about properly using emergency numbers. Nonetheless, Kurt said “He did have cool toys. The lucky kid also got to see the patrol car and the officer put the lights on for him, too.”

English Police Department Bizarrely Find Flintlock Pistol While Serving Warrant

Police in New Zealand expected to find a mountain of toys after their call, but English police were treated to a bit of a surprise. While serving a warrant, they found a flintlock pistol.

Bedfordshire Police in England executed a search warrant on October 11, finding Class A drugs, a sword, and an old flintlock pistol. The owner was 60-year-old Englishman who police suspected was involved with illegally supplying drugs. Taking to social media, they reported the bust.

“We have taken a gun off the streets of Bedfordshire after officers found the firearm in a washing machine during a warrant. Officers also recovered a sword and Class A drugs during the warrant in Bedford on Monday.”

While he was indeed suspected of possessing an illegal firearm, I don’t think anyone expected it to be a pistol that old. A closer look reveals it actually isn’t in firing condition, meaning it’s likely a collector’s item or replica.

To top everything off, they found it in a washing machine of all places. I guess in worst-case scenarios the owner could have thrown it at someone.