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Police Bodycam Shows Heroic Rescue of Woman Trapped in Sinking Car: VIDEO

by Maria Hartfield
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - DECEMBER 11, 2018: Two police officers stand in the plaza in front of The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Florida police released bodycam footage revealing a heroic rescue of a woman trapped in a sinking car. The shocking turn of events takes place at a canal in Port Orange, Florida. The video shows a pizza delivery car submerged with officers desperately trying to break windows in order to free the woman.

In response to the rescue, the Port Orange Police Department said on Facebook:

“Friday night after the heavy rains, a car ran off the road and into a canal, next to Cedar in the Wood. Sgt. Mialki, Ofc. Calenda and Ofc. Brashier responded to the crash and found, that the driver was trapped in the vehicle as it was sinking. The Officers entered the water, broke the window, and pulled the driver out of the sinking car. This is another great example of Port Orange Police Officer’s daily commitment to the safety of their community and their willingness to put themselves in harm’s way to protect a stranger.”

Sgt. William Harrison told Fox 35, “She got a little confused and turned left directly into the canal because the water was level with the road.”

The flooding was a result of strong northeast winds related to the ongoing storm.

Neighbors Witness the Incident and Call the Police

Shortly after a neighbor dialed 911. Three officers on patrol responded to the call.

The officers wasted no time getting in the water. They tried to open the vehicle doors but were running out of time fast.

Almost completely submerged, the woman was heard screaming from inside the car.

“She was all the way underwater,” Harrison described to Fox 35.

“Climb out the back. I need you to climb out the back,” one officer instructs the frightened woman.

An officer arrives with a baton striking the passenger window. After hitting it four to five times, the window finally shattered, making a hole big enough to fit an arm through. The door still wouldn’t budge.

Shortly thereafter, the quick-acting officers successfully pulled her to safety.

The woman was taken to the hospital immediately following the traumatic event. Luckily, she didn’t suffer any serious injuries. One officer sustained injuries to his arm as a result of breaking window glass from the car.

Rescuing People from the Water is Often Extremely Dangerous

According to Harrison, saving people from water-related incidents is always a risk.

“You’re dealing with moving water, wearing boots, vest, heavy gun belt. You’ve got 20-25 pounds of gear on you. It’s not the best environment for swimming,” he said.

In conclusion, if your vehicle is ever submerged, fight panic and find the nearest escape by either opening the nearest window or pushing out the rear window. This can be accomplished by placing both feet against the window and pushing.