Police Discover Human Remains Inside Alligator While Searching for Reptile That Killed 71-Year-Old Man in Hurricane Ida

by Joe Rutland

Human remains are found in an alligator and police believe it could be those of a 71-year-old man killed during Hurricane Ida.

According to a story from the British newspaper Daily Mail, police in St. Tammany Parish, La., believe the remains could be those of Timothy Satterlee. He died when a 12-foot-long alligator weighing 504 pounds reportedly attacked him.

Parish police authorities sent off the remains for testing. They hope the results will confirm that they are from Satterlee.

Hurricane Ida slammed into the New Orleans metropolitan area, making landfall just south of there along the Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Ida Caused Man To Go Check On Shed Outside His Home

After three weeks of searching, the alligator was killed. Authorities say Satterlee died as Hurricane Ida floods his home. He shared it with his wife, Sandy. This happened on Aug. 30.

Let’s break down the situation. First, the 71-year-old man went out to check on his shed. Second, Sandy Satterlee watched as the gator ripped off Timothy Satterlee’s arm. Third, she saw the alligator roll on him and drowned Timothy underwater.

Fourth, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office authorities, according to a post on its Facebook page, said they captured the gator in Avery Estates. They got assistance from the Special Operation Division and U.S. and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents.

Alligator Reportedly Ripped Man’s Arm Off Body, Drug Him Under Water

“It was near the location where Timothy Satterlee Sr. went missing on Monday, August 30, 2021,” according to the authorities’ statement. It was “one day after Hurricane Ida hit South Louisiana, creating destruction across the region.”

How does the gator become part of the investigation? Sheriff’s deputies wrote, “This past weekend U.S. Wildlife agents observed a large alligator in a waterway near where the incident occurred.” 

They say that the gator was caught by a trap.

“Once the alligator was searched, it was discovered to have what appears to be human remains inside its stomach,” the statement reads. “Investigators will work with the St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office to verify those remains belong to Timothy Satterlee.”  

In addition, Sheriff Randy Smith offered his condolences to Satterlee’s family.

“This is a horrible tragedy and my sincere condolences and sympathy goes to the Satterlee family,” Smith said in a statement. 

Satterlee Remembered For His Involvement Within Community

Hurricane Ida did a lot of damage indeed. Slidell, La., and St. Tammany Parish citizens knew Timothy Satterlee for his civic work.

Similarly, an article on nola.com said he volunteered at his grandchildren’s high school, Pope John Paul II.

In conclusion, Robert Bywater, a member of St. Margaret Mary Men’s Club, said, “It’s such a devastating loss for our community. People either knew him by name or by face.”