Police Make the Naughty List After Detaining Santa Claus in Viral Video

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

German police detained a man dressed as Santa Claus this week, and a video of the event has gone viral.

There have been posts on social media, including the one shown below, saying Santa was arrested because he wasn’t wearing a face mask. However, Santa was actually detained because he didn’t want to provide police with his identification.

The footage was posted by Disclose.tv on Twitter. You can view below.

According to police, gathering in crowds violates the Assembly Act. The crowd has to be authorized first.

Santa, Is That You?

A spokesperson for the Strausland Police offered some background for the viral video. The Santa in the video was not the real Santa that should’ve been working at the Christmas Market.

“Among those present, there was also a person in a Santa Claus costume. The police were also surprised that Santa Claus did not comply with the law and also expressed his opinion with a poster. The 47-year-old Stralsund was obviously an actor of the assembly. He was not employed as Santa Claus at the local Christmas Market.”

The police think that the man has previously violated the Assembly Act, but they still released him around 7:15 p.m.

Seems like both the police and Santa have some new names to add to their naughty lists.

Germany Cracks Down on COVID-19

Another viral video on Twitter showed Hamburg police measuring the distance between people in a crowd. There were signs and posters in the crowd, but we’re unsure if this gathering was part of a larger protest.

At the beginning of December, Germany said they would begin having stricter rules to stop the spread of COVID-19. A lockdown was announced for people that are unvaccinated.

Germany’s vaccination rate is pretty low compared to the rest of Europe. According to Reuters, only 69% of the German population is vaccinated. Of that 69%, only 21% have received a booster shot.

Army of Snowmen for Santa

While Santa is off protesting, Chinese hotel staff are busy making him an army of snowmen. Children and families are more than happy to see the snowmen. They’re building at least 100 snowmen. To make the time go by faster, they are using a machine to help them.

We might not all have access to tools like that, but what a fun activity! Snowmen are a classic part of Christmas. If you’re in a super snowy state, what better way to pass the time? Unsurprisingly, northeastern states get the most snowfall. Vermont is the snowiest state in the U.S. Maine and New Hampshire follow close behind.

If you’re already living in a winter wonderland, what are you waiting for? Christmas will be here soon. Get out there and help build Santa’s army!