Watch: Police Officer Picks up and Fixes Fallen U.S. Flag, Security Footage Reveals

by Hunter Miller

Security footage outside a local business shows a police officer fixing an American flag that fell to the ground. Cameras captured the footage in Kearney, Nebraska on June 14.

This caught-on-camera moment happened outside of Kearney Tire & Auto Service. The video shows an unidentified officer picking up the fallen flag from the sidewalk in front of the store. He first attempts to rehang it. However, the officer quickly notices the damaged flag holder. He then folds the flag and rests it against the building.

Kearney Auto and Tire Repair Shop posted the footage on the company’s Facebook page. As of Tuesday night, the video racked up more than 16k views. However, it is now garnering widespread attention from mainstream media outlets like Fox News.

In the caption, Kearney Auto and Tire Repair shared a story of discovering the footage. “We were out of town on Sunday and this kind officer stopped to rescue ol glory [Old Glory] and show the respect it deserves when our holder broke,” the post reads. “We were called right away with the issue and we were so thankful.”

The repair shop continued by commending police officers. “We are blessed by each officer and hold them in the highest regard for all they do to keep us safe,” the repair shop wrote. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!”

Instagram users took to the comments to share their opinions on the video. “Thank you to this officer,” one person wrote. “He’s very gentle & with a great deal of respect.” Another person commented, “God bless this officer! God bless our country.”