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Police Officer Hailed as ‘Hero’ After Catching Month-Old Baby Thrown From Second-Story Balcony

by Jacklyn Krol
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What a hero police officer. Two Jersey City police officers caught an infant who was thrown off a second story by a “deranged” man.

According to The Daily Mail, the moment occurred at 9:30 AM on Saturday (Sept. 18) at Rose Avenue. Reports said that Officers Joseph Casey and Eduardo Matute responded to a 9-1-1 call about a man threatening the child’s life. They attempted to negotiate with the man to put the baby down. At the time, the unidentified man was hanging the baby over a ledge of a balcony.

He apparently hurled the infant off of the balcony after the police officers set up the perimeter. The anonymous person has been arrested and the charges are currently pending. Although the baby was not hurt, he or she was taken to a local hospital to be checked out. The man suffered from a mental health episode but reports did not go into further detail.

Firstly, Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association President Joe Cossolini said that the officers were “real-life superheroes”

“We are celebrating a beautiful life today instead of reading a tragic story because of the quick thinking, bravery and teamwork exhibited by all of the officers who responded today,” he said.

Furthermore, it is unknown if the man had any connection to the baby or how he got the child. The baby’s identity nor gender have been revealed.

Finally, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop shared a sweet photo of the officer cradling the child that he caught.

Another Real-Life Hero Story

Earlier this month, a Port Washington Police Officer was dubbed a “hero” after his valiant efforts to save an elderly man from a house on fire.

Officer Tony Becker was on his routine patrol when he heard the popping and crackling sounds of a fire before seeing a fireball.

People reported that the south side of the home was “fully engulfed in flames”. A 74-year-old woman opened their garage door and told the officer that her 79-year-old husband was still inside the home. The body came footage shows his daring rescue. Explosions are heard and seen in the clips before he finds the man and pulls him out of the burning property. They were both unharmed, but the officer did have to receive treatment for smoke inhalation. Surprisingly, he even finished his shift!

The couple’s neighbor, Barbara Patterson, spoke with a local news outlet about the hero officer’s bravery.

“I hate to say this but if [Officer Becker] hadn’t done this he would have been dead,” she said. “Without a doubt. The smoke was so thick that [it] alone would have been catastrophic.”

The couple is now living with their children while they go over the damage.