Police Rescue Chicken Walking Outside a KFC, But Not Before Hilariously Claiming it Was Committing a ‘Fowlony’

by Matthew Memrick

One Michigan police department apprehended a wild chicken outside a KFC recently, taking to Facebook to tell of the bird’s ‘fowlony.”

According to the Midland, Mich. Police Department, an officer rounded up a wild bird outside the fast-food eatery on Sept. 10, but then the story became, well, a tall tale. The Facebook post was a feeble attempt to locate the chicken’s owner.

The city is two hours northwest of Michigan near the Upper Peninsula.

Police Have Fun

A public information officer or maybe even a bored cop pieced together the story.

The chicken “tried” to break into a location in an early-morning heist, and officers arrived at an N. Saginaw KFC eatery to find the sneaky hen.

Officers describe the chicken, and its frantic running around the outside of the store, clucking madly. (It did have its head still attached.)

Seriously, multiple officers came to round up the chicken. When they cornered it, Officer Pomranky would be the one to catch the bad bird.

At the end of the story, the police department reminded residents about the city’s farm animals laws.

Best States To Raise Chickens

Lots of websites claim to know the best U.S. states for chicken raising.

If you start raising these birds in your backyard, keep in mind that each state and the local area may have regulations.

One website picks Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas as the “best” places for chickens in the South. Given the temperate climate and abundant land, they’re probably correct. 

In the Northwest, Washington state is favorable. New York and Massachusetts are prime chicken-raising areas.

But when it comes down to it, you probably could raise your birds anywhere. Just keep them away from your local fast-food chicken restaurant. 

Feral Chickens On The Lam?

Some states are known for having wild chickens. I mean, if North Carolina can have wild horses, why can’t there be wild chicken states.

According to Backyard Poultry, Hawaii and Florida are known for these wild birds. Maybe those Midland Police have vacations soon?

The website said feral chicken populations exist in California, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Hawaii (“jungle fowl”), and other island countries. These birds have adapted to their environments with the help of genetics.

These wild birds may even be tough eating, but if hunger strikes, anything is possible. 

The wildfowl in many of these states are a product of hurricanes. Some of the populations are so large that states like Florida have hired birdcatchers.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, stray birds ran about the streets. Many adopted them and fed them, making animal control efforts difficult.

According to the website, Key West had birdcatchers in 2004 take the wildfowl to organic farms. There, the chickens produced eggs for sale while controlling the bug population.