Police Respond to Reports of ‘Suspicious Figure’ in Road, Find Stolen Bigfoot Statue

by Jennifer Shea

Police got a call from the mountains north of Santa Cruz, California about a suspicious figure in the road early Thursday. But they weren’t prepared for what they found when they got there.

Who should be sitting by the yellow line near Glen Canyon and Green Hills Road upon their arrival? None other than Bigfoot.

Police Find Bigfoot

Someone had stolen the 4-foot-tall wooden statue from outside a small museum in nearby Felton, California on Monday, the Associated Press reported. 

“He was a little banged up but will be returned to his rightful place at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum,” the Scotts Valley Police Department posted to Facebook.

The museum sits in the San Lorenzo Valley in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Felton. It purports to offer “actual evidence” of Bigfoot sightings through plaster hand and footprints as well as a film. Its exhibits also explore public views of Bigfoot and local Bigfoot sightings.

Bigfoot’s File

Bigfoot sightings are fairly common. In February, two men in Ohio claimed to have seen the creature at Salt Fork State Park while flying drones.  

“While we were there we heard many strange noises and we may or may not have found the Ohio Grassman/Bigfoot/Sasquatch in Ohio at Salt Fork,” one of the men posted online. ‘Ohio Grassman’ is an Ohio nickname for Bigfoot.

But authorities have scrutinized the Bigfoot story pretty well by now. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has even investigated him, according to History.com. In fact, the FBI has had a file on Bigfoot since 1976. 

In recent years, the FBI declassified its Bigfoot file. Among other conclusions, a hair sample sent to the FBI from a Bigfoot researcher turned out to be deer hair.

There may not be conclusive proof of Bigfoot out there, but at least the museum is reunited with its Bigfoot statue.