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Political Leanings of America’s Most Common Names Released; Twitter Lights Up

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by JIM WATSON,SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

If you’re a Karen, you’re probably voting for Joe Biden. Though Richards lean Donald Trump’s way. That’s according to a poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College to determine the political leanings of 102 common names.

According to the results, pollsters analyzed 17,000 voters across all 18 battleground states to determine what’s in a name. That’s because they wanted to find out the electoral version of nominative determinism. What does your name say about your political leanings?

It’s an interesting bit of information. Donalds and Davids like Trump. Patricks and Patricias back Biden. Go to the site and type in your own name and see how your fellow-named brethren are likely to vote.

Twitter Has Thoughts On Political Survey of Names

Does this study mean anything? Probably not. It’s a fun bit of trivia after a hard-fought campaign and devastating year. But some people joke that it could mean something big for a certain segment of the population.

Karens haven’t had it easy lately. Karen has become shorthand for an unpleasant woman, to put it mildly. Urban Dictionary classifies a Karen as a “Middle-aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others’ problems an inconvenience to her although she isn’t even remotely affected.”

Biden supporters hope Karens — who like Joe over Donald 60-40 — can bring a him win on Tuesday.

Though, whether or not this will do anything to change any feelings toward the name Karen is left to be seen. Stay tuned.

But it’s more than Karens backing Biden. A day out from the election and the former vice president is up in the polls, according to MorningConsult reporter Eli Yokley.

“Our final pre-election poll finds Biden leading Trump, 54% to 41%, among women likely voters, compared to Clinton’s 49% to 47% lead of Trump among women in 2016, per our exits at the time,” he tweeted.