Popeyes Takes the Chicken Sandwich Wars a Step Further with Two New Offerings

by Evan Reier

The first time Popeyes entered the chicken sandwich arena, they completely leveled the landscape. Now, everyone and their cousin has a competitor.

In fact, one might be able to credit the fast food chain for creating an arms race of sorts for chicken sandwiches. Popeyes all over the country were seeing insane lines for the sandwich, and has since seen brands like McDonald’s introduce new, proper entries into the game.

Now, just under two years on from the launch of the chain’s chicken sandwich, they’re upping the ante with a new sandwich. Per Chew Boom, Popeyes’ new sandwich is a Blackened Chicken Sandwich and is now available.

However, it hasn’t come with much, if any, promotion. Also, according to Yahoo!, the chain isn’t offering it everywhere according to their online ordering options.

The new Blackened Chicken Sandwich is coming in two different preparations, although the difference is somewhat underwhelming. Let’s break this down.

Difference Between Popeyes Two New Chicken Sandwiches

We’ll start with the basic, normal blackened sandwich. The first and most notable difference is that the new offering is not fried, but grilled. That should only make sense as “blackening” chicken isn’t a frying process, it’s instead a classic Cajun style of grilling.

For those who are somehow unaware or are just nervous to order “blackened” meat, the basic process includes dipping meat into melted butter before coating it in copious amounts of savory seasonings. For a chain that boasts a Louisiana background like Popeyes, it’s a match made in heaven.

The “classic” version of the sandwich features the chicken, two pickles and mayo on a brioche bun. Essentially, it’s the same preparation of the brand’s fried chicken sandwich that has taken the fast food world by storm.

But as mentioned, Popeyes is also offering a “spicy” version of the sandwich. And, drum roll please, it’s groundbreaking change is… spicy mayo instead of regular mayo.

Look, we get it. Blackened chicken is blackened chicken, and there’s not much to change if you’re not creating a whole new spice blend for the spicy version of the sandwich. But spicy mayo being the only change is pretty bare bones. In fact, some fans of Cajun and southern cuisine would say that the classic sandwich should feature spicy mayo already.

But we digress. In the meantime, where does one have to be to get their hands on the sandwich? As of right now, the official list isn’t out, but Yahoo! says Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and, of course, Louisiana.

We’d guess that a large portion of the southeastern United States will get their chance at the new sandwich. And, as Chew Boom pointed out, each version is available for $3.99.