Popeyes Employee Reportedly Fired After Cop Alleges He Spit in His Food

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images)

A Popeyes restaurant in Texas fired an employee after allegedly spitting in a police officer’s food. Furthermore, the former employee at the fast-food chain reportedly penned an anti-police slogan on the box.

The incident reportedly went down at a Popeyes in San Antonio. Police Department Officer A. Martinez entered the drive-thru line around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, according to My San Antonio.

While waiting in line, the officer reportedly heard someone screaming “ACAB” among other derogatory comments. The slogan stands for “all cops are b——-.”

Despite hearing the anti-police slogan, the officer did not react to the situation. At the time of the incident, Martinez says he was dressed in full uniform.

The officer received his food shortly thereafter. Upon unwrapping his meal, the officer then noticed what appeared to be spit in his food. In addition to the saliva, the officer also noticed the letters “ACAB” written inside the container.

Popeyes Spokesperson Confirms Employee’s Firing

A spokesperson confirmed the employee’s firing in a statement given to My San Antonio.

The statement reads: “We want to apologize to the guest involved. The actions of the team member do not reflect the values of our brand nor the high level of service we strive to deliver to our guests. The team member no longer works at the restaurant and the owner has reached out to the officer to personally apologize.”

The troubles aren’t quite over for the former Popeye’s employee. According to a San Antonio Police spokesperson, the authorities plan to investigate the situation in regards to potential food tampering, Fox News reports.

“I’m sure that same officer would be there to protect and serve that establishment if it came to it,” the police spokesperson said. “We’re just going to go ahead and investigate it like we investigate every case and hopefully we come to some kind of peaceful resolution.”

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