Popeyes Giving Out Free Chicken Sandwiches for a Week: Here’s How to Get One

by Suzanne Halliburton
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Sandwich lovers already adore Thursday. After all, it’s their holiday. Now Popeyes is adding to the party.

How so? Thursday is National Sandwich Day. And on Nov. 9, it’s National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day. (We sometimes wonder who creates these sorts of commemorative days). Obviously, it gets very specific. That’s where Popeyes comes in. From Thursday through next Wednesday, you can get a free sandwich.

Now, here’s how you can get that Popeyes sandwich. Order a chicken sandwich combo via the app or popeyes.com. And you get a chicken sandwich free. Bring a friend or keep the free sandwich for yourself. ‘Cause the franchise can pay for both lunch and dinner, although you’ll probably need to spring for the extra red beans and rice, mashed potatoes (or Cajun fried), mac and cheese or coleslaw. You’ll get a choice between the classic fried chicken sandwich or the spicy. They’re both delicious.

But to get this Popeyes special, you need to use the app or order it online for pickup or delivery. The in-store prdering experience doesn’t offer this perk.

Did you ever wonder how long we’ve been munching on sandwiches? We believe the sandwich was started back in the 18th century John Montagu ordered slices of beef between two pieces of toast to be served to him while he was playing cards. Montagu also happened to be the fourth Earl of Sandwich. His fellow gambling buddies would order the same as Sandwich. Montagu also might’ve gotten the idea when he he visited the Eastern Mediterranean and noticed how the Greeks and Turks served sandwiches (although they weren’t called sandwiches).

Sandwiches showed up in the United States by about 1815. That’s when someone first placed them on a restaurant menu.

Are you hungry for something other than a fried chicken sandwich from Popeyes? Check out the Panera menu. The restaurants are offering $1 off a sandwich order. (David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Popeyes isn’t the only chain restaurant offering sandwich deals. CNN Business also listed some other sandwich promos to help us eat our way through this day.

Subway is doing a buy one-get one promo on its foot-long subs. Check the app or Subway.com for details. Plus, airport locations are giving away footlongs to travelers stuck in a middle seat.

Panera Bread, which is all about healthy, is offering MyPanera members $1 off their sandwich orders. But you have to order the food in the app.

Jersey Mike’s Subs is offering free delivery if you order a sandwich through their app. The offer stands through Nov. 7. Meanwhile, McAlister’s Deli also is promoting a buy one/get one sandwich deal. It’s basically the same for Potbelly Sandwich. Select an original or big-sized sandwich and receive an original-sized sandwich for free. Like many of the other deals, you’ll need to use the app or order on the web site.

So whether you like Popeyes or the other sandwich restaurants we mentioned, enjoy your day.