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Popular ‘Scoop There It Is’ Geico Commercial is Getting Its Own Ice Cream and Pints are Being Given Away for Free

by Amy Myers
(Photo By Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

It’s stuck in your head already, isn’t it? Everyone knows the Geico commercial featuring the rap group Tag Team and the parody of their song, “Whoomp! (There It Is).” Whether you’re singing along between breaks of Monday Night Football or humming it on the way to your freezer, it’s become an iconic tune.

Now, the insurance company has come out with a frozen treat for fans that just can’t get enough of the hilarious commercial.

Can’t recall how the tune came about? Let’s refresh your memory.

Believe it or not, the new ice cream flavor, appropriately named, “Scoop! There It Is” actually features most of the ingredients listed in the Geico commercial. The carton contains a vanilla base with cookie dough, peanut butter and chocolate-covered marshmallows. That about covers the lyric, “French vanilla, rocky road, chocolate peanut butter, cookie dough.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t an insane amount of “chocolaca” or sprinkles. Those you’ll have to buy separately. Still, the Tag Team-inspired flavor sounds like a home run, or rather, a touchdown. And the best part? Fans are getting a pint for free.

As a part of the promotion for the frozen dessert, Geico is awarding a free pint to fans that dance for it. Between Friday  Friday, September 17 and Friday, October 1, die-hard dairy fans can submit a video of their best moves on social media. In order to qualify, you’ll have to follow @GEICO on Instagram and/or TikTok, tag the insurance company and write #GEICOIceCream in the caption.

Tag Team Expresses Excitement Over Geico Commercial Inspired Ice Cream

While fans of the Geico commercial will no doubt flip for their free fix of ice cream, no one is more excited about the entries than Tag Team.

“It’s going to be bananas, because I know that everybody’s going to be doing backflips in their Tiktoks or the milk crate challenge while they’re eating ice cream, whatever it is,” DC Glenn told Food & Wine. “I know it’s going to be overwhelming because people are going to want that ice cream. That’s what we’re hoping for.”

Since collaborating with Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, a new Geico commercial is in the making. Of course, the star of the latest ad is ice cream. But according to Glenn, they just barely had time to film the dancers eating the frozen treat before they nearly licked the cartons clean.

“I’m telling you, those kids ate that ice cream like a dog that hasn’t been fed in a day and a half,” the Geico commercial star said. “I mean, you could just see it on their faces: they weren’t even looking at the director anymore.”

With how popular the new ice cream is already, chances are it won’t be around for very long. The song, however, well, that’s here to stay.

Scoop! There it is!