Porsche to Auction Sally 911 for Ukraine Benefit

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Christoph Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Porsche has decided to join in on the Ukraine benefit efforts happening around the world.

Porsche is gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pixar’s popular animated movie, “Cars.” In order to do so, Porsche is having an auction of a 911 prototype in which the proceeds are all going to charity.

At a Glance

  • Porsche is recreating the icon 2002 966-generation 911 Carrera from the “Cars” movie franchise. The character is Sally Carrera in the film.
  • Porsche is speeding up the process in order to donate the funds to Girls Inc. The funds will help with the war between Russia and Ukraine.
  • More details on when and where the auction will take place will come out soon.

The car is meant to look like Sally Carrera, one of the car characters from the popular animated film. It is a 2002 966-generation 911 Carrera that moves to the small town of Radiator Springs, becomes the town’s attorney, and falls in love with our friendly racing legend, Lightning McQueen.

As for the overall look, Sally is a stunning metallic blue color with a turbo twist-style wheels and a fun tattoo on the bumper.

Now, according to CNET, Porsche is speeding up the timeline for this charity auction. The goal is to send the proceeds to Girls Inc., which is an education program that helps children and families that have been permanently affected and displaced by war. Porsche has also aligned with other businesses and automakers by pulling out of Russia. The company has also had to pause production on all of its cars due to an ongoing shortage of parts.

More Details on this Ukraine Charity Porsche

The team at Porsche is working with “Cars” production designer, Bob Pauley, as well as creative director, Jay Ward. The result is surely going to make people on the streets stop in their tracks.

Sadly, the car is not going to have those massive, life-like eyes on the windshield (due to obvious safety and traffic concerns). The car will instead be brought to life with that same electric blue color, a new modern take on those wheels, the iconic tattoo, silver trim, some custom badges, and a light interior with blue accents.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is even more being included in this charitable package. The special-edition Porsche is going to have some goodies hiding away in the truck. A matching watch, a map of Radiator Springs, a luggage set, and an owner’s manual detailing the design work will all be included.

Other Car Brands Helping Ukraine

If you’re curious which car brands have pulled out of Russia amidst the invasion, here’s a comprehensive breakdown. It’s all part of an ongoing effort to increase pressure on President Vladimir Putin to stop this war.

BMW was the first to take a stand. The German company stopped production and exports to the country on March 1. The company actually had an increase in BMW sales in Russia last year. Ford announced also on March 1 it would take the same stance.

General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Volkswagen Group, Harley-Davidson, Jaguar Land Rover, and several others are on this very long list as well.