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Possible Brain Washes up on Wisconsin Shore: Photo

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Barcroft Media / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Finding a message in a bottle on the shore might be pretty cool, but what if you find a brain wrapped in foil. Not nearly as cool.

One Wisconsin man let curiosity get the best of him when he found a package sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan Tuesday morning.

Jimmy Senda, a 47-year-old construction worker from Racine, says that he was out for his daily walk when he saw a square package of aluminum foil, held together with a large pink rubber band.

Senda, who also works as a part-time artist, says he typically looks through items that wash onto the beach to use in his sculptures.

“I don’t even know how to explain it,” Senda recalls. “It didn’t register as a human brain. I was just like, what is this?”

He consulted some nearby city workers to confirm his suspicions.

“It looked like a chicken breast, kind of, so I was like… it took a little bit for it to really… what was going on. It was a brain,” Senda said.

Upon Further Examination of the Brain

Senda quickly called the police to investigate his gruesome findings. The police gave the brain to the Racine County Medical Examiner, who confirms that the brain does not belong to a human.

The medical examiner said that upon early examination, the brain looks like it belongs to a cat. An unfortunate cat.

Senda, who typically walks the beaches further north, says that he hadn’t walked near Myers Park in a while. He adds that he was glad to have been there to have made the discovery, however.

“There’s a lot of kids and families that are down here, and what happens if a kid would have found it?” he said.

Also inside the foil package were two light-pink flowers and some Chinese currency.

Curiosity might really have killed the cat in this situation.

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