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Postal Service’s New 2022 Stamps are ‘Miniature Works of Art’: Here’s the List

by Courtney Blackann
Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomber

Being pen pals can be fun again! The United States Postal Service recently unveiled their latest collection of stamps for 2022. And they all feature iconic American settings that pull us back to a time of simple pleasures and family.

According to News Nation, the latest collection features various times in American history including blueberries, women’s rowing, George Morrison paintings and more. Additionally, there are also several even more new stamps including the few below:

  • Floral Geometry: The two Floral Geometry stamps are for packages, large envelope and other mail. They are denominated at $2 and $5. The $2 stamp comes in panes of 10, while the $5 comes in panes of four.
  • Mariachi: Honoring the mariachi music so integral to Mexican-American culture, this stamp features five different musicians dressed in the traditional outfit of a mariachi performer. These stamps come in panes of 20.
  • Monument Valley: This stamp captures the image of Monument Valley in the style of a vintage travel guide. It will be available in Monument Valley, Utah on Feb. 14.

USPS Stamp Services Director William Gicker said in a statement last fall that, “The new 2022 stamps are miniature works of art, designed to be educational and appeal to collectors and pen pals around the world.”

USPS Stamp Descriptions

The USPS also included a stamp honoring Shel Silverstein, the iconic children’s novelist and author of “The Giving Tree.”

“The extraordinarily versatile Shel Silverstein (1930–1999) was one of the 20th century’s most imaginative authors and illustrators. Children everywhere love his picture book “The Giving Tree” and his quirky poetry collections. The stamp art also features a version of the illustration of a boy catching an apple that appears on the cover of “The Giving Tree.” Published in 1964, the best-selling tale of selflessness is a children’s literature classic. Art director Derry Noyes designed the stamp,” the USPS writes on its website.

Additionally, there will be a variety of U.S. flags on barns. This is to represent the number of flags on barns throughout the country.

“The barns are set in landscapes [featuring] the seasons and different regions of the United States. The stamps [are] sold in self-adhesive coils of 3,000 and 10,000. Stephanie Bower designed and illustrated the stamps. Antonio Alcalá was the art director,” USPS announced.

Further, the different designs are also helping to dress up envelopes and make sending out the mail fun.

“As always, the program offers a variety of subjects celebrating American culture and history,” Gicker says. “The vivid colors and unique designs of this year’s selections will add a special touch of beauty on your envelopes.”