Postal Worker Helps Man Who Cut Himself with Chainsaw

by Josh Lanier

A Southern California man has a postal worker to thank for coming to his rescue after he accidentally cut his arm with a chainsaw.

U.S. postal worker Fernando Garcia was nearing the end of his shift in Norwalk, Calif., last week when he heard a man scream, the Associated Press reported. Garcia rushed to where he heard the cries for help. It was a dire scene, he said.

“When he turned around I saw that he was holding his left arm,” Garcia told CBS. “And he was just covered in blood.”

Garcia ripped off his belt and used it as a tourniquet, the AP reported. He held it in place to staunch the bleeding until paramedics arrived. Garcia said he got the idea to use his belt because he’d seen it in movies.

“I was a little panicky but at the end of the day… I did what anybody else would have done, which was to try to stop the bleeding,” Garcia told KNBC.

The man was helping his sister when he hurt himself, his family told CBS. The extent of his injuries wasn’t reported, but the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office tweeted the man is expected to recover because of Garcia’s quick thinking and action.

“EVERY DAY HERO-A male accidently cut himself w/a chainsaw. Luckily Mail Carrier Mr. Garcia heard the family’s screams & sprung into action using his belt as a tourniquet 2 stop the bleeding on the man’s arm. Man has good prognosis due 2 Mr. Garcia’s actions,” the Sheriff’s Office posted.

Garcia didn’t celebrate his good deed, CBS said. Instead, he went to Target, bought a new belt and shirt, and finished his route.

Social media praises postal worker for his heroics

Desperate for some good news, Twitter leaped on Garcia’s story after the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office tweeted about it. People were grateful the man would survive and recover, but they were more thankful that Garcia had been willing to step forward and help out.