Powerball Jackpot Grows to $630 Million: How Much Is the Cash Option?

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

Americans nationally have been tracking the growing Powerball jackpot for weeks. In those weeks, no lucky winner has come forward, though obviously more and more individuals have headed out to play. Now, less than two weeks following Christmas, we’ve seen the jackpot grow by several hundred million dollars. Snagging the attention of Outsiders at the time with an impressive $400 million jackpot, the current total sits at $630 million. With that, the cash total has also significantly increased.

Earlier today, northjersey.com saw the overall total rocket to an impressive $575 million. However, throughout the course of the day, it has reached an even more astonishing $630 million. According to the official Powerball website, that puts the equivalent cash total at $448.4 million. And with the drawing taking place in hours, we’re anxious to see whether we get a jackpot winner this time.

Further, while Monday night’s drawing saw no overall winner, there were three million-dollar tickets that matched all five white balls according to the news outlet. Two of the tickets saw $1 million winners in Connecticut and Texas. Further west, a lucky ticket holder in Montana claimed $2 million.

The latest jackpot has attracted numerous anxious ticketholders. Even earlier today, the $575 million marks the ninth of the top 10 Powerball jackpots. Following its significant increase, it only highlights the winning ticket as a major score.

What makes tonight’s drawing even more significant is that we haven’t seen a jackpot winner since October of last year. One lucky Californian brought home an impressive sum as the fall jackpot sat at $699.8 million.

Will the Powerball Jackpot Again Reach the Billions?

After 30-some-odd drawings with no jackpot winner, we’ve begun to wonder how long the overall total will increase before someone finally strikes gold.

For now, we still have quite a while until the Powerball total reaches the billions, however, it does leave us wondering when the last time was that we saw billions on a winning ticket.

While the current jackpot is surely nothing to sneeze at, there have previously been eight other sums that have amounted even higher than that.

Totals have ranged from the low to high $700 million, however, the highest recorded Powerball winnings of all-time amassed to an unheard of $1.586 billion. The unimaginable sum was claimed several years ago in 2016, with three overall winners from California, Florida, and Tennessee. With three individual tickets boasting the winning numbers, the massive sum was split three ways among the lucky players.

Comparatively to the current jackpot, the highest-ever total equates to more than two times the winning, though I can still think of a whole lot to do with $600 million.

To those awaiting tonight’s drawing, best of luck!