Powerball Jackpot Skyrockets to $1.9 Billion, Highest in Global History

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Months have passed without seeing a single Powerball Jackpot winner. As such, the Powerball Jackpot has skyrocketed to an unbelievable $1.9 billion. That officially makes it the highest jackpot total ever in global history. That said, it might be a good idea to go purchase your next lottery ticket while you have a chance.

The latest drawing took place on Saturday night, with the winning numbers reading 28, 45, 53, 56, and 69, with the red Powerball 20. The Powerball Jackpot rose to nearly $2 billion after going without a winner for 40 straight drawings in a row. August was the last time the Powerball Jackpot actually saw a winner.

The Daily Mail reports the next drawing takes place on Monday, November 7th. However, if we do happen to (finally) see a winner, one of the two take-home options will force them to forfeit nearly half of their winnings to taxes.

Per the outlet, jackpot lottery winners have two options for collecting their winnings. The first, called the annuity option, sees the winner paid the total sum of their winnings over the course of 29 years, breaking their overall total into 29 installments. The other option sees the lucky ticket holder take home a lump sum of cash which, while it is the most popular option, completely shatters the actual jackpot total with taxes. Given the record-breaking sum we’re currently seeing, the Powerball Jackpot winner would physically take home just $929.1 million.

Monday Night Powerball Soars Millions Beyond Highest Recorded Jackpot of All Time

As we wait to see whether Monday night finally sees a winner or if the already-stellar jackpot keeps climbing, we’re here to take a look at some of the highest-recorded winnings of all time. And while the No. 1 total also sits in the billions, it’s already been surpassed by the current Powerball Jackpot by several hundred millions.

January 13th, 2016 saw the highest-recorded winning jackpot of all time—that is, until someone finally steps forward with the current $1.9 billion Powerball lottery ticket. Winners of the 2016 drawing were from California, Florida, and Tennessee.

Aside from the 2016 total, the remaining records all sit in the millions or lower.

The second-place spot is held by a winner out of Wisconsin, claiming the jackpot winnings on March 29th, 2019. The total before taxes amounted to $768.4 million. The third-place Powerball Jackpot comes within just a few million of the second-place winner, totaling $758.7 million. The lucky ticket holder from Massachusetts claimed the third-place record on August 23rd, 2017.

In comparison, the oldest-held Top 10 record, according to the news outlet, was set on November 28th, 2012. The jackpot winners, from Arizona and Missouri, took home a modest, though still noteworthy, $587.5 million.