Powerball Jackpot Winning Numbers Announced After Technical Difficulties

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Ahead of Monday’s Powerball drawing, the country waited with bated breath. The Powerball jackpot winner would score an unimaginable $1.9 billion, with a cash option of over $900 million, the highest prize in lottery history. Just as the excitement reached a fever pitch, however, Lottery officials announced that the drawing was delayed.

Unfortunately, one participating lottery was experiencing technical issues making it impossible to process sales and other data. While protecting the identity of the guilty party, Powerball officials expressed hope that the problem would be resolved by Tuesday morning (November 8).

Though later in the morning than Powerball players would have hoped, the jackpot numbers were finally revealed: 10-33-41-47-56 with a Powerball of 10. And because of the delay, the jackpot actually grew to $2.04 billion by the time of the drawing. As of now, it remains unclear if there’s a jackpot winner or if the grand prize will continue to climb.

As California officials explained, the Powerball Lottery follows strict guidelines to ensure the winner of the massive prize does so fairly. “Powerball has stringent security requirements to protect the integrity of the game,” the Multi-State Lottery Association said. “And [we] remain committed to holding a drawing that gives all players a fair chance to win.”

“Like the rest of America, Powerball is eager to hold its drawing for the world record jackpot,” they added. “However, protecting the integrity of the draw is of upmost importance. Even if that means a further delay.”

Prior to this drawing’s jaw-dropping prize, the record was held by the $1.586 Powerball jackpot won in January 2016. Three winners split the prize, each taking home a whopping $983.5 million in cash.

How to Enter for a Chance to Win the Powerball Jackpot

Here’s the thing. There’s a reason why “hitting the jackpot” is a colloquial phrase for an unbelievable victory. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are roughly 1 in 292 million, which is why it’s grown to such incredible heights in recent months. The last Powerball jackpot was won way back on August 3 and the prize has been steadily increasing ever since.

You actually have a better chance of becoming a billionaire by other means than winning the Powerball. Those who win the Powerball jackpot should be wary of the sky for the rest of their lives, as the chance of finding yourself crushed by a meteorite is higher than that of holding a winning Powerball ticket.

That said, Powerball tickets are available at virtually any convenience store for a mere $2. What do you have to lose? Playing the Powerball lottery is easy. You simply buy a ticket, then select five numbers from 1-69 and one Powerball number from 1-26. If you’d rather leave it up to fate, you can opt for “quick pick,” which randomly selects the numbers for you.

After that, all you have to do is wait until the next drawing, which occurs every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Who knows, you could be the one to win the $2 billion!