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Powerball Lottery: Did Anyone Win $352 Million Jackpot?

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

No one managed to guess the winning Powerball Lottery numbers this week. That means there’s still a chance for an Outsider to win next week’s $363 million jackpot.

The last time the Powerball Lottery announced a jackpot winner was on October 4th. That day, one lucky California couple put nearly $700 million in the bank. Well, minus taxes. But we’re sure they’re still living a comfortable life.

Since that day, the new Powerball jackpot has been slowly inching its way up. By December 18th, the pot had reached $352 million—but so far, no one has claimed the prize. So this week’s drawing will be worth $363 million, with an instant cash value of $265 million.

However, one player in Texas did become rich by matching all five white numbers, which equaled a $1 million win. But they also played the Power Play option, which increased their winnings to $2 million. It may not be close to a quarter of a billion like the overall jackpot, but we’d still take it.

The next Powerball Lottery drawing airs Monday, December 20th at 10:59 p.m. ET from the Tallahassee, Florida lottery studio.

Good Luck, Outsiders!

16 Coworkers Pooled Together to Win a Powerball Prize

Christmas came early a few Pense Brothers Drilling employees this year. After deciding to pool their money for the Powerball jackpot, 16 people split a $1 million prize.

According to KAKE, the Missouri residents have been pooling their money for the past two years, but they’ve never won a significant jackpot. However, on December 6th, one of the players checked the winning number, as they did every morning, and realized he and his friends won a cool mil.

After splitting the winnings, each employee took home over $62,000 before taxes.

“I never thought that we would win anything substantial, just a few bucks here and there,” one of the winners told the news station. “The money is going into the savings account for now, and I’ll decide later what to do, maybe go to Disney World.”

When the 15 other players got the phone call that day, they thought their friend was playing a prank on them. Handing over the money each week had become a routine, and so did losing. So hearing the good news was quite literally unbelievable.

“I never thought I had a chance at winning the lotto, and I honestly griped so hard each week about giving up my cash for it, the men probably wished I would have left the pool,” Powerball winner Annie Boren said. “But each week I gave my share. I don’t really have any plans for the money other than saving the majority of it.”

Boren was thrilled to score the cash, but seeing the excitement on her co-workers’ faces was what really made her day.

“The best part of the whole day was watching some of the men I have worked with for years get so excited and the smiles on their faces,” Boren said. “These are hardworking men, and they deserve every dime they have won.”