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Powerball Results: Did Anyone Hit the April 25 $421 Million Jackpot?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Al Seib/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

It’s been 30 draws and there has still been no winner for the now $454 million Powerball Jackpot. When will we have a winner? It has been a while since a lottery jackpot has caught the attention of the nation. I distinctly remember the $1 billion Mega Millions jackpot from 2016. Unfortunately, this Outsider did not win as a college freshman despite buying seven tickets in Terre Haute, Indiana.


  • There have been 30 draws since the last Powerball jackpot was won
  • The winning numbers for April 25th’s draw were 12-18-20-39-61 and 10 as the Power number
  • The jackpot will rise to $454 million for Wednesday night’s drawing
  • Two $1 million winners did claim prizes, but the grand prize remains at large

Of course, there was the more than $1 billion jackpot from 2021 that was claimed by four people in January of that year. Without anyone claiming the latest jackpot, the total will continue to climb. Are we on the way to another 10-figure jackpot? Or is someone just waiting to claim the giant prize?

The Powerball numbers were 12-18-20-39-61 with the Red Powerball Power Number coming up as 10. The Power Play Number was 2. Those that are into the Double Play, those numbers were 14-23-29-38-43 with 20 as a kicker.

$1 Million Winners

Now, just because no one won the jackpot, doesn’t mean that no one won at all. For two players in the United States, they matched all five of the white numbers to claim prizes of $1 million each. North Carolina and Texas are the home states of the lucky winners.

Now, these folks weren’t just any casual players. The North Carolina winner chose to play the Power Play option. So, that $1 million award will be upped to $2 million. That’s not a bad payday there. Then, there were all kinds of other smaller winners. Almost 948,000 tickets were the winners of at least $4, so there’s something for the little winners as well.

Players from 44 states are going to try and claim that grand prize for themselves. There is one big Powerball jackpot out there for someone to claim and with a cash option value of $271.9 million. 30 drawings have gone by and nothing has come up so far. Something has to give, and someone has to win. I might have to grab a ticket or two if no one claims it Wednesday night.

Last Powerball Jackpot Claimed in February

Back in February a Connecticut man became the newest winner in the Powerball when he claimed a jackpot of $185 million. The man bought the ticket at a One Stop and walked away with a lot more money than he paid for the ticket. There was also a winner of one of the $25,000 for life prizes. So, Connecticut has a lot to be happy about in regards to lottery winnings recently.

That is the second biggest Powerball won in the state since 2011. Perhaps in 11 years, the state will have another large prize. So, keep your eyes out then for any Connecticut lottery news… or don’t. It was the first Powerball jackpot won in the state since 2012.