President Biden Says He ‘Can’t Do Much’ About Record High Gas Prices Across U.S.

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

In an effort to inflict further damage on Russia’s plummeting economy amid its invasion of Ukraine, United States President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that the U.S. will ban all varieties of energy imports from Russia. Now, as Americans continue to speak out about record gas prices, Biden claims he “can’t do much” as costs skyrocket.

At a Glance:

  • Gas prices have officially reached the highest in U.S. history, averaging a total of $4.17 per gallon on Tuesday.
  • President Biden blames Russia for the skyrocketing prices translating to American fuel costs.
  • President Biden insists American sanctions on Russian oil imports will “inflict further pain on Putin.”

Biden Places Responsibility for Rising Gas Prices on Russia

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, sanctions have been announced all over the world. Some of those come from internationally renowned oil companies including, most notably, Exxon Mobile. That’s in addition to Shell and its rival company, BP.

The gas giants’ move was capped Tuesday, following Biden’s declaration. As per the televised statement, the U.S. will ban all Russian oil, natural gas, and liquified coal imports. And while Americans have already seen average costs reach the highest in history, Biden stated prices would continue to increase.

Following the president’s declaration, representatives from the press inquired what Biden plans to do about increasing gas prices. “Can’t do much right now,” he stated. “Russia’s responsible.”

Across social media, Biden’s response was widely condemned. One of the platform’s users wrote, “while it is true that Russia is responsible for a portion of gas price increase, [Biden] could still increase domestic production by changing his domestic policies.”

Others called for the Biden administration to release reserves of American oil and begin drilling on U.S. soil. Multiple Twitter users called for the reopening of the Keystone Pipeline.

Meanwhile, as he faces American backlash, Biden said, “This is a step that we’re taking to inflict further pain on Putin. But,” as we’ve seen, “there will be costs here in the United States.”

Sky-high Gas Prices Will Likely Endure Through Fall ’22

Ahead of spring and summer, when gas prices tend to increase annually in the first place, Tuesday marked a historic day for the American population as the average national cost per gallon of fuel reached $4.17 per gallon. Meanwhile, certain U.S. states are seeing prices skyrocket even higher. And worse? Experts don’t expect costs to drop any time soon.

The ongoing Eastern European conflict between Russia and Ukraine has worsened the state of international supply chains, causing some Americans, in states including California, to see sky-high gas prices of more than $6.00 per gallon. And now, following the announcement of Biden’s sanction on Russian oil imports, experts don’t expect to see lowered prices until the late fall at the earliest.

Experts from GasBuddy have stated they don’t expect prices to peak until May, just over two months from now. Later this month, they expect the national average to reach $4.25 per gallon before hovering just over the $4.00 mark at least until November.

“It’s a dire situation,” stated GasBuddy‘s head of petroleum analysis, Patrick De Haan, “and it won’t improve any time soon.”