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President Biden on Series of Tornadoes in Central US: ‘Unimaginable Tragedy’

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Last night, six tornadoes struck a few southern states including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. This left the world in shock. President Biden even shares his thoughts on the tragic event, calling it an unimaginable tragedy.

First, officials confirmed fatalities in a roof collapse at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois leaving dozens of people injured, or dead. Communities across the Midwest and South went through a string of powerful storms and tornadoes overnight. People are saying it’s too late in the year for a storm as strong as this one.

Biden Remarks on the Damage in Each State

Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky reports 70 dead in a tornado’s path of over 200 miles. This could increase the state’s death toll to more than 100 people.

Furthermore, about 110 people hid inside a candle-making factory in Mayfield, Kentucky. Unfortunately, a tornado destroyed it. However, 40 people were able to escape from the factory afterward. At a news orientation earlier today, officials said they were struggling to get through the debris because of blocked roads, flooding, and power outages. Mayfield is where the tornado hit the hardest.

“This has been the most devastating tornado event in our state’s history,” Beshear mentions. “The level of devastation is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Aside from Kentucky, other states are also experiencing damage, injuries, and deaths. Three people were pronounced dead in Tennessee, and two in Arkansas.

Last year Nashville, Tennessee experienced this exact thing. Although, officials say this storm might be worse. The storm approached these states with dark and massive funnel clouds across the night sky. Afterward, it left them with destroyed homes, churches and businesses, and fires.

President Biden and the federal government pledge their full support as needed.

In Arkansas, a 94-year-old man passed away and five injuries occurred after a tornado struck the Monette Manor nursing home. Staff members covered heads with pillows to keep flying debris and glass from hitting them. But, that wasn’t enough to protect the senior citizens because the roof collapsed seconds later.

Climate Change

Scientists are continuously researching whether there is a relationship between climate change and the frequency or strength of tornadoes. Although, there is limited data at this time. Researches are currently saying that tornadoes seem to be appearing in groups rather than alone. They are also noticing tornado alley shifting eastward, which is very strange.

While these six states were getting hit with severe storms, the upper Midwest was getting snow. Mother Nature did not seem happy with us.

Meanwhile, the potential future effects of climate change are going to get worse. This will include frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought, and an increase in powerful storms like we experienced.