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President Biden Signs UFO Investigation Unit Into Law

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Agents Mulder and Scully can step aside – there’s a new UFO investigative team in town. And they’re here to stay. This is thanks to President Biden signing the unit into law as a part of the $770 billion defense bill. This also means there will now be on-the-ground agents solely looking into UFO sightings.

With a string of UFO activity across the United States this year, this official team could be key in helping determine just what’s going on. From Arizona, New Mexico and California to Maryland and Maine, people are reporting UFO sightings across the United States.

Further, the activity continues to pop up near military warships in restricted air space. This is prompting officials to take a deeper dive into this recent phenomenon of sightings, per The Sun.

Additionally, this new team of UFO investigators will report their findings to Congress in an annual and biannual report. They will pay special attention to military sightings of the unidentified flying objects.

UFO Investigative Team Will Report Their Findings

And while the special unit will conduct research into otherworldly encounters, they will also attempt to rule out Russian and Chinese tracking drones. They will also attempt to study the health-related effects of the UFO activity. Further, they will attempt to “capture and exploit” any of their findings.

A declassified report will be available to the public each Halloween (which doesn’t seem like a coincidence, but who knows?)

In addition, the U.S. is reaching out to the United Kingdom with hopes they’ll share their research. A spokesperson for the organization UAPMediaUK says they welcome the United States’ involvement in research.

“With the UAP amendment now passed into law, one thing is for certain — the United States Government is officially investigating a decades-old issue which seemingly started during the birth of the American nuclear age. Eyes are now firmly on the UK (after declining to investigate UAP) and the question will be asked once again if they intend to create a mechanism dedicated to understanding and resolving UAP technology,” they said.

They also added:

“It remains to be seen, but they will be challenged by UAPMediaUK and others who have some interesting things on the horizon.”

The United States government seriously acknowledged the presence of UFOs after an investigation in 2017. U.S. Navy pilots captured a UFO on camera. Since that time, more and more government officials are validating UFO activity.

“Although the government offers no evidence of other life forms, over the last few years, reports of UFO sightings by Navy pilots have become almost commonplace,” VacationRental, a UFO-tracking site, shared on its site. “With this combination of dark skies and previous UFO sightings, we hope to give you the best chance of having your own UFO encounter. Hopefully, no abductions of course.”