President Biden Surprises Children’s Hospital Patients in Christmas Eve Visit

by Megan Molseed

Patients at a Washington children’s hospital received a surprise holiday visit from president Joe Biden. Biden made a stop to visit the young patients hoping to cheer up the kids who will be spending the holiday receiving medical treatments.

“How are you doing?” President Biden says as he peeks over the top of a stroller greeting one of the youngest patients on Christmas Eve, as per the New York Post.

During the visit, President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden visited with patients as they shared their Christmas wishes for the year with the couple.

One little boy named Danny told the first family his single wish for this Christmas. It is a simple wish, but one that isn’t addressed in a simple manner.

His wish? For his “cancer to be gone forever.”

“Pretty cool, Danny,” the president said.

“We’re hoping your cancer will be gone too,” added Jill Biden during the visit.

Young Patients Share Their Holiday Cheer With President Biden

One young patient named Chloe was in the full holiday spirit as she decorated a paper bag to be eliminated by a tea candle to celebrate the special holiday. Chloe told her visitors that she is thankful to the Children’s National Hospital staff for working so hard to make her feel better.

“You’ll be out of here,” President Joe Biden tells Chloe during their visit.

“When you get out, you got to come see me in the White House,” the president adds.

Of course, the most exciting brand new piece of news that President Joe Biden and his first lady had to share with the young patients during the Christmas Eve visit with the young patients at the Children’s National Hospital was the addition of the Biden’s newest furry family member; the White House’s newest resident, a German shepherd puppy named Commander.

“Do you know we just got a new dog?” first lady Jill Biden asked the children during the Christmas Eve visit.

“His name is Commander,” the first lady adds.

Of course, we all know how rambunctious puppies can be…and Jill Biden had to share some of Commander’s naughty moments with the young patients.

“This morning he was eating my slippers,” the first lady told the kids with a smile.

Stories of Commander’s rambunctious naughtiness are certainly fun. However, the Biden’s were also happy to show the children pictures of the fifteen-week-old pup.

According to reports, the Bidens will be spending Christmas at the White House with members of their family. Afterward, they will travel to their private home in Wilmington Delaware.