President Biden Wears Tan Suit To News Conference Nearly 7 Years After Obama Did, Drawing Comparisons

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly seven years after former President Obama’s then-controversial decision to wear a tan suit, President Biden decided to wear a similar tan suit during his press conference on Friday (August 6th).

In August of 2014, President Obama spoke to the press about the ISIS occupation in Syria while wearing the tan suit. At the time, Fox News stated that the suit was “too casual” for a press conference about a serious matter. Now This gave a refresher on Fox News’ take on the suit in 2017. Four years after the so-called controversial moment. 

President Biden took to the podium on Friday to give an economy and July jobs report. He was seen wearing his own tan suit with a green tie. Occupy Democrats took to Twitter to state the President was trolling Fox News by wearing a tan suit during Obama’s birthday week. 

MSNBC also predicts that the current President also rocked the suit to troll the GOP, who slammed Obama for making the same fashion choice.  Other Twitter users also made polls as to which President wore the tan suit best. 

President Biden Extends Pause on Federal Student Loan Repayments

President Biden also announced he is extending the pause on student loan repayment to January 31, 2022.

In a statement, the President states, “On my first day in office in January, I directed the Department of Education to pause federal student loan repayments for millions of Americans through September. The pause has been a critical lifeline so they don’t have to choose between paying for basic necessities or their student loan during the pandemic that upended their lives.”

President Biden further shares that as the current jobs numbers show, the country has the tools that will it to beat COVID-19 and keep the country’s economy recovering at a record rate. “But we know there is more work to do and the road will still be long for many people. Especially for the one in six adults and one in three young people who have federal student loans.”

The extension will give the Department of Education and borrowers more time to save money before repayments restart in January. It was also noted that the extension will further ensure a smoother transition that minimizes loan defaults and delinquencies.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Representative Ayanna Pressley responded by stating it was a welcomed response. But there is still a need for a permanent solution to the growing student loan debt.

“Our broken student loan system continues to exacerbate racial wealth gaps and hold back our entire economy. We continue to call on the administration to use its existing executive authority to cancel $50,000 of student debt.”

The trio then adds that the cancellation is one of the most significant actions that Biden can take right now to build a more “just” economy. “We look forward to hearing the administration’s next steps to address the student debt crisis.”