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President Donald Trump Calls Press Conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Twitter Users Go Crazy

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team had hoped to show their strength during a press conference on Saturday but their message was undercut by the setting: Four Seasons Total Landscaping. The bizarre choice to hold it there has political analysts confused and social media frothing.

The problems for the event started right away. Trump tweeted that his campaign was holding a press conference on Saturday at the Four Season in Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. But that tweet was quickly taken down. The Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia tweeted they didn’t have any events scheduled for the president.

The president then tweeted the press conference was to be held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a small home and gardening center next to an adult book store and crematorium.

To make matters worse, moments before Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani appeared at the podium set up in the parking lot, the Associated Press called the race for Joe Biden. Meaning many of the reporters left before the press conference began, the Independent reported.

In the street outside, Biden supporters cheered and Trump supporters yelled back. A man dressed as “Sleep Joe,” wearing only a Joe Biden mask, underwear, and socks, screamed conspiracy theories about George Soros. They competed with a cacophony of car horns, bull horns, and loudspeakers. All the while on the other side of the building, Giuliani made unfounded accusations of voter fraud and suppression in the Rust Belt, The Philly Inquirer said.

No One Sure Why This Location Was Chosen

It’s unclear why everyone ended up there. The New York Times said the campaign had always intended to host the event at the landscaping firm, but there was a misunderstanding with the president before his tweet. The Times said campaign organizers were looking for a “friendlier part of town.”

Employees of Four Seasons weren’t sure why it was held there.

“I have no idea why [the campaign] wanted to do it here. I don’t know how the government works. Maybe they saw on satellite images that we have a big backlot and proximity to (Interstate) 95?” Sean Middleton, the landscaping firm’s sales manager told the Washington Post.

But the Post used the locale to provide a summation of Trump’s political travails. They went with the headline, “It began on a gold escalator. It may have ended at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.”

Though it’s a mystery to most why the press conference took place there, Twitter really enjoyed that it did.

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Twitter Has a Field Day With Wild Press Conference

As news and photos of the event trickled out, Twitter collectively lost its mind. But over time, the vast majority of responses to the Four Seasons Total Landscape press conference fell into one of these four camps:

  • What?
  • But why there?
  • Seriously?
  • Lawn pun

But within limitation, creativity is born.

It wasn’t just Twitter though. One person left a Google review for the company.

“When I was losing an election back in 2004, I knew exactly where to turn for a desperate, last-minute news conference,” the five-star comment said. “Four Seasons Total Landscaping has the best combination of gardening and Pennsylvania electoral law litigation services. I didn’t win the election, but I sure had a great news conference.”

Several people have used Four Seasons as a launching point to create things. Comedian Tim Heidecker turned it into a song.

It’s been turned into a Zoom background, for instance.

It’s even being turned into a fun run. Runners in Philadelphia are organizing a run from the Four Seasons Total Landscape offices to the Four Seasons Hotel. It even has a slogan: “Eleven Miles, Four Seasons, Total Landscaping!”

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Four Seasons Cashing in on its Moment of Fame

Four Seasons Total Landscape wasn’t going to let the sun set on this opportunity. The company is already selling memorabilia and merchandise themed around the disastrous press conference.

The company is selling “MAKE AMERICA RAKE AGAIN” and “LAWN AND ORDER” stickers for $5 and $10 respectively.

But please keep in mind they are a landscaping company first, the nearly 30-year-old company trolled on Twitter.

Though, there has been an inevitable backlash. They’ve had to ask people to please stop harassing them online or calling the store to complain of conspiracy theories.

Also, the 78-year-old man who runs the counter at the aforementioned adult bookstore Fantasy Island Adult Books and Novelties nearby would like people to stop calling and asking for Rudy Guiliani, he told the Philadelphia Inquirer.