President Joe Biden Falls Off His Bike During Ride in Delaware: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan

President Joe Biden kicked off his beach vacation by taking a scary tumble off his bike. While riding his bike near his Rehoboth Beach, Del. vacation home on Saturday, Biden fell off the two-wheeler.

Immediately after falling, his Secret Service agents swarmed the commander in chief and helped him stand up.

“I’m good,” the 79-year-old assured onlookers, telling reporters that he had had trouble taking his biking shoes out of the pedals as he tried to stop and chat with those around him, eager to meet his dog.

Reporters also snapped several pics of Biden sitting on the pavement after the accident, showing the President caught in the bike’s frame.

In recent footage, viewers can see Biden with his wife, Jill, as they’re surrounded by agents, riding down a road near their beach house. Meanwhile, members of the press and local residents await to patiently o get a glimpse of the President.

However, the crowd was shocked when the President unexpectedly fell as soon as he neared the group.

After he dropped to the ground, onlookers could hear his Secret Serivice agents yelling, “Back up! Back up.” They seemed to have a tough time keeping the onlookers from crowding the 46th President.

After nearly 10 seconds on the ground, Biden could stand back up. He told the crowd that his “foot got caught.”

According to a reporter who witnessed the fall, Biden got back on the bike at about 9:44 am. Just before the President hit the pavement, he said hello to reporters with a wave during the morning ride.

Secret Service removes Joe Biden from home amid airspace scare

Despite the brief tumble, the Bidens are currently celebrating a major milestone. Friday marked the couple’s 45th wedding anniversary. Now, they are spending the weekend soaking up the summer heat at the beach.

On Friday, the first lady pulled her husband away as he stopped to talk to reporters as they left the White House in D.C. “We gotta go,” she told the President.

Later, they landed in Rehoboth about an hour after taking off from the South Lawn.

Previously, the two have chosen to spend most weekends in Delaware. As the temperatures have risen, the Bidens have opted to spend more time at their house near Cape Henlopen State Park. The house is located in the northern part of Rehoboth Beach.

Earlier in June, a plane flying in the airspace near the Biden home prompted the Secret Service to remove the President from the property.

“A small private plane entered restricted airspace, all indications are by mistake, and precautionary measures were taken,” an official said about the incident. “There was no threat to the president or his family.”

This weekend, the President and first lady will get to relax thanks to the new three-day weekend celebrating Juneteenth. In 2021, Biden signed a bill to make the official end of slavery in the United States a federal holiday.