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President Joe Biden Slammed on Social Media for Reading off Teleprompter

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

On Monday, Aug. 16, President Joe Biden addressed the nation regarding the news that the Taliban have taken over the country of Afghanistan. And, unsurprisingly, social media users had some thoughts about what the President had to say – and how he said it.

According to CNN, Biden admitted on Monday that things took a turn for the worse in Afghanistan faster than he thought they could. He also said he believes that taking United States forces out of the country was the correct decision.

“I stand squarely behind my decision. After 20 years, I’ve learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw US forces,” Biden said, according to CNN. “That’s why we’re still there, we were clear-eyed about the risks, we planned for every contingency. But I always promised the American people I would be straight with you. The truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated.”

Particularly, people criticized the 78-year-old Biden for reading off a teleprompter during Monday’s address about the reportedly unexpected events that unfolded in Afghanistan in recent days.

For example, Twitter user @jimgeraghty was one person who criticized President Joe Biden’s performance during the address. “Fumbled words while squinting and reading from a teleprompter. Not an encouraging sign,” he said.

In his tweet about the President, @JustinCopus shared a photo of the teleprompter he said Biden was using for his comments. Copus questioned Biden’s ability to view the screen. “That doesn’t look like a big room those are some damn big letters on a large teleprompter. I bet behind closed doors Joe Biden has some big Harry Carey glasses,” he claimed.

One User Said Response By President Joe Biden to Afghanistan Crisis is ‘Just Terrible’

Twitter user @SpunkySez also criticized President Joe Biden for using the teleprompter. “#teleprompter is trending. That’s how bad Biden looked. #ResignBiden #JoeMustGo #timesupJoe This is just terrible. The terrorist have won. Next the sleeper cells will come back to the US via our broken down US/mex border. Their money, power, name, and recruiting will grow,” this user shared.

Another example of someone who was not pleased with President Joe Biden was Twitter user @JWB_25. “He read a teleprompter for 20 minutes, no questions, and now he is back to his vacation.. wow,” he commented.

Others on Twitter Expressed Support for the President

On the other hand, there were Twitter users who supported President Joe Biden on Monday.

One example was @NazaninNour. She pointed out that the use of a teleprompter is a common practice by public officials.

“Say what you want about the information in the speech, but the outrage at the use of a teleprompter is laughable. Literally every President has used a teleprompter when addressing the nation. This isn’t a Broadway show. He’s not supposed to be off book.”

Also, President Joe Biden was praised on Twitter for what this user viewed as the President taking responsibility for the failures by the United States in Afghanistan. “As President of the United States, Biden is taking accountability and responsibility for the failures of those up to and including himself for what is going on now. That is leadership. Making the hard decisions, when others who’ve had the chance could not, would not and did not…” user @cooltxchick posted.