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President Trump on FBI, Mueller, & Bubba Wallace: ‘Pathetic!’

by Caroline Bynum
. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

President Trump gave his concise feelings on Bubba Wallace and the FBI’s work on Monday. Trump retweeted Emerald Robinson’s tweet calling out the disparities between the FBI’s reaction to Mueller versus NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace. ‘Pathetic!’ is the president’s only comment on the situation.

Emerald Robinson is a @Newsmax White House Correspondent and tweeted out her message comparing Mueller and Wallace on Saturday, September 12.

The tweet references an investigation from earlier this summer that launched after images showing an alleged noose in Wallace’s garage stall flooded social media. The FBI took on an in-depth investigation of the supposed hate-crime and concluded the noose had been there since 2019. They clarify it was not a hate crime. Bubba Wallace spoke out after the findings in frustration with how much his character was being doubted following the incident.

Robinson draws a comparison between the FBI’s immediate response to investigate Wallace’s incident versus their response to Tom Fitton and Mueller. Many believe the phone probes and investigation are presently not getting enough immediate attention from the FBI. The investigation is related to Mueller’s scrutiny of Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia.

President Trump evidently agrees with Robinson’s notions and thinks the FBI’s actions are “pathetic.”

Bubba Wallace has also commented on the tweet that mentions his past controversy in a poor light. He quote tweeted Robinson’s post on Monday also, adding “lololol”