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Presidential Debates 2020: Bette Midler Continues Her Political Rant, Twitter Lights Up

by Chris Haney
Photo by Mark Sagliocco/WireImage/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, legendary actress Bette Midler sounded off on Twitter throughout the first presidential debate, and she picked up right where she left off on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Midler continued to fire away at President Donald Trump with multiple tweets criticizing his leadership. The singer-songwriter went on to say that there is no need for another debate.

She says Trump does not want to bring scrutiny on himself out of fear of his “terrible record.” In addition, she says that the president has sowed doubt in every institution we trusted. Midler claims that the American people now trust no one and nothing.

The actress followed the tweet with a pair of posts of a quote that bashed Trump and the debate as a whole. It placed blame on Trump for constantly interrupting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the debate’s moderator Chris Wallace. The post went on to call Trump a bully and said he was mad and afraid.

A few hours later, Midler continued her rant and stressed how dangerous the president is to democracy. Additionally, the actress doubled down on the comment by listing famous times of crisis as events less threatening than now. She tweeted that the country is in more danger now than during the Civil War, than after Pearl Harbor, than during the Cuban missile crisis, and than during Watergate.

Twitter Goes Wild Over Political Posts By Bette Midler

Midler’s tweets the last two days have sent Twitter users into a frenzy. As with all things political these days, it was a divisive subject online as well.

In fact, many Twitter users simply think Midler was crazy, and spouting nonsense.

However, many Twitter users agreed with what Midler was tweeting. Some said that the chaotic debate reflected poorly for our country.


Additionally, others stressed the importance of voting, and said unity is needed to get the country back on track.


Since this was only the first presidential debate, there will surely be more strong opinions thrown around Twitter in the coming weeks.