Pringles Enters Chicken Sandwich Wars With Wendy’s Chip Collaboration

by Emily Morgan

The plot chickens. The never-ending chicken sandwich wars between fast-food chains are getting brutal.

Pringles recently announced its partnering with Wendy’s for its newest chip flavor based on its spicy chicken sandwich. The goal will be to create a chip that mixes the “fiery spice blend” of the chicken sandwich and a “perfectly crunchy and extremely convenient bite” of a Pringles, the company said in a statement.

However, when the creative chip hits shelves in June, customers will have limited time to try them. Those that purchase the Pringles flavor will also get a code for a free Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich redeemable on its official app.

Yet, this isn’t the first time the two brands have collaborated. In 2020, the Pringles released Baconator-flavored chips, which is also another signature item for Wendy’s. Pringles, owned by its parent company, Kelloggs, regularly creates limited-time flavors.

“Wendy’s fans can now enjoy our insanely flavorful spicy chicken sandwich in their crisps to satisfy taste buds until their next restaurant visit,” said Wendy’s chief marketing officer Carl Loredo. The chip’s creation comes when chicken sandwich connoisseurs have never been pickier about their sandwich.

Due to the rise in popularity, Wendy’s recently changed up its lineup to appease chicken-loving consumers. They introduced an all-new fried chicken sandwich. At the same time, Kellogg announced that its most recent earnings reports spiked, likely due to the pandemic. During its first quarter, the company saw sales increase by five percent.

Pringles Gets In On The Chicken Sandwich Game

The battle for chicken sandwich supremacy has never been spicier since Popeyes debuted its chicken sandwich in 2019. In the wake of Popeyes’ success, fellow fast-food chains have been adding or reintroducing their own versions. McDonald’s and KFC both created crispy chicken sandwiches. Now, Burger King wants in on the action.

The burger chain first announced its new chicken sandwich in February. Served on a potato bun with pickles and a savory sauce — folks can get their hands on BK’s take on the chicken class in its US stores.

According to Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer for Burger King North America, Burger King worked on the sandwich for about two years.

Yet, the chain recognizes that they could face an uphill battle when it comes to limited supplies. Burger King is “not immune” to those challenges, said Doty. However, Burger King has secured its chicken supply during the phased rollout, she said.

“We have used the time … to lock up our supply chain,” she said. “We feel confident in our ability to supply our launches.” The phased rollout also gave employees time to get used to the process of preparing the new sandwich, Doty said.