Priscilla Presley Breaks Silence on Grandson Benjamin Keough’s Death at Age 27

by Hunter Miller

Priscilla Presley is speaking out about her grandson Benjamin Keough’s death. The wife of late rock icon Elvis Presley took to social media on Wednesday to express her sadness at the “shock of losing Ben.”

“These are some of the darkest days of my family’s life. The shock of losing Ben has been devastating,” Presley, 75, writes. “Trying to put all the pieces together of all the possible whys has penetrated my soul. Each day I wake up I pray it will get better.

Presley continued by writing that her heart goes out Benjamin’s parents, Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough, and his siblings; Riley, Harper, and Finley. “Then, I think of my daughter and the pain she is going through as she was a doting mother. Ben’s father, Danny, who is completely lost, as Ben was his only son. Riley, so loving and so close to him; Harper and Finley, who absolutely adored Ben. Navarone, who struggles deeply with loss and death. Rest In Peace Ben, you were loved,” Presley writes.

Fans Offer Condolences to Priscilla Presley and her Family

After sharing on social media, a number of fans offered their condolences to Priscilla Presley and the family. “The death of a child is the most devastating thing in life,” one user writes. “The beautiful memories lived are those that will stay alive in your heart. It is my deep wishes that all the pain you are going through can be mitigated little by little. My condolences.”

“I am so sorry that your precious family are enduring such loss and pain,” another user writes. “I can’t get this devastating tragedy out of my mind. It will be excruciating for you. Lisa and the family. My sincerest condolences and prayers are with you.”

Medical examiners determined last week that Benjamin’s cause of death was suicide by gunshot wound. Benjamin was 27 years old.