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Private Investigator Claims Gabby Petito Possibly Died of Asphyxiation Based on Bodycam Video Moment

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

The Gabby Petito case drew in spectators far and wide from the very start– especially with so many strange details surrounding her disappearance. With so many invested, criticisms and opinions abounded every step thereafter. The Moab “incident” between Gabby, Brian Laundrie, and local police especially drew in heat for its handling. Upon seeing the bodycam footage, the public immediately launched their harsh words. They couldn’t understand how the police “missed” something so “obvious.” They namely cited signs of domestic abuse here.

These claims didn’t just come from laypeople and the general public either. Several officials came forward in the passing days to back up claims that the investigators handled the case strangely. Eventually, the Utah Police Chief of the Department that responded to the incident took leave. This didn’t stop the speculation surrounding “evidence” from the bodycam footage, however. Now, one Salt Lake City-based investigator makes staunch claims of his own.

Private Investigator Talks Brian Laundrie’s Potential Motive

Jason Jenson marks the name of the Salt Lake City-based investigator who recently reached out to the media to offer up his own conjectures. Now, his claims are quite grim so there’s a forewarning. He says Gabby Petito’s body language in the August bodycam footage potentially indicates a few things. First, the footage sees the couple admit to physical escalations. Second, Gabby’s non-verbal behavior seems to indicate even more distress below the surface. When combined, these show motive, says Jenson.

“I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s manual strangulation,” claims Jenson. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s choked her before. Any victim that’s been choked before—their natural reaction is to lower their chin to their clavicle to prevent that hand from going around their throat.”

In other words, Jenson expects Petito’s autopsy to reveal the cause of death as asphyxiation.

Grand Teton, Wyoming Coroner’s Office to Address Updates to Gabby Petito Autopsy Results Later Today

The Grand Teton, Wyoming Coroner’s Office just announced it will speak after weeks of silence. They allegedly completed the full autopsy report and plan to release new findings. Although the office did not speak on the specifics, they gave the public a day and time for their new press release. 12:30 Mountain Time marks the Zoom conference taking place later today, October 12th. Even if it doesn’t answer every single question, there’s the promise of the Petitos moving closer to getting some closure.

The family started the Gabby Petito Foundation as a way to turn their daughter’s tragedy into something “more positive.” Their first official fundraiser kicks off this coming Sunday (access details surrounding the event here). The fundraising directly supports other families with missing loved ones. It also supports victims of domestic violence. As per the Petitos, “this doesn’t end with Gabby.”