Private Plane Crashes with Nine Passengers During Emergency Landing

by Samantha Whidden

On Wednesday (December 15th), a private plane with nine onboard reportedly crashed in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic while on the way to Florida during an emergency landing. 

According to The Sun, the pilot of the plane reported there was an emergency after takeoff and tried landing at the Las Américas airport. It is unclear what led to the crash. Those near the incident revealed that the HI1050 aircraft was operated by Helidosa Aviation Group. The plane departed from La Isabela Airport, in El Higüero, and bound for Orlando, Florida

Helidosa Aviation Group then tweeted, “We hereby inform you that today, the HI1050 aircraft with 2 crew members and 7 passengers has crashed at the AILA. Our Company is actively working to obtain more information and collaborating with the rescue bodies.”

Unfortunately, journalist Anibelca Rosario confirmed that all of the passengers on the plane have died. She stated that the passengers were all American but of Latino origin. “Peace to their souls.”

El Caribe also reports that the airport shut down in the aftermath of the plane crash. Authorities of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), including the deputy director-general Héctor Porcella, and those responsible for the Accident Investigation Department, are currently investigating the situation.

Three Americans Die in South American Plane Crash

The plane crash in the Dominican Republic comes just days after three Americans were reportedly killed in a South American plane crash. The crash of the private Cessna A185F Skywagon happened at 3 p.m. on December 5th.

According to Online Madison, Keath Killebrew, a Madison native, died when the small plane crash. The plane was reportedly traveling from Salto del Guairá Airport to Chaco. Commissioner Cesar Gonzalez of the National Police also revealed the crash occurred about 30 miles from the city of Mariscal Estigarribia. It was in the area of the indigenous community of Macharety.

Three people, two men, and a woman died in the impact. Killebrew was among the dead. Killebrew’s friend and fellow pilot Paul Andrew Rust is the other male victim. Meanwhile, Heike Stefanie Schroeder Weins is the third victim. A family friend revealed that Killebrew had a cotton interest in the region. His family shared they are planning to return to Paraguay next year for a celebration of life ceremony. They also want to continue with plans Killebrew died trying to accomplish.

The family also said that the plane crashed northwest of Filadelphia. They had almost landed the aircraft. But a tall tree obstructed their path. They believe the pilots were trying to land when the crash occurred. 

Killebrew is survived by his wife Dr. Alyssa Killebrew and their daughter Vivian. The couple lost their unborn daughter to COVID last year. They are expecting a son in February 2022. An investigation is ongoing about the crash.