Production of Ford F-150’s Halted Due To Semiconductor Shortage

by Matthew Memrick

Ford announced Friday that F-150 Kansas City plant production would stop a week because of global semiconductor shortages. 

That’s no good for the company’s top-selling vehicle.

Fox 4 said that the model’s line is affected, but the rest of the Claycomo plant will keep running. The shutdown is the second this month for the plant due to chip shortages. That pause affected the Transit production line.

Ford Truck Production Hit Twice in February

The production slowdown is the second time this month Ford has had to shut down the F-150 line because of the chip shortages. Earlier this month, Transit production at the Claycomo plant had to halt.

However, Reuters said the automaker’s F-150 Michigan plant in Dearborn would still run

The company said some assembly plants would idle because of semiconductor bottlenecks. Indeed, some of the slowdowns came from the Ambassador Bridge protests, too. 

Why are semiconductors so important anyway? Well, they’re big in computer management of engines. These chips also are critical in driver-assistance features, and the shortage is making several automakers nix these features in current production.

Ford F-150 Lightning Trucks On The Way

Some buyers may soon get their Ford F-150 Lightning trucks off the assembly line despite the semiconductor news.

According to Ford Authority, one Georgia man named Sergio Rodriguez got an email telling him his truck could be in his driveway soon.

The fancy, all-electric truck entered the nation’s news in May last year with a spring launch. Then came rumors about a delay. But Rodriguez’s Twitter post confirms he’ll get his pickup this spring. 

Social media picked up on his post, offering congratulations over the email. Rodriguez told one Twitter user that “Ford continues to shock me.”

The man’s F-150 Lightning Lariat is scheduled for production at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center the week of April 18. The Ford news source did not say how many of these electric trucks would come out in the first wave, but it has to be a good sign for those waiting buyers. 

Because of high demand, some buyers will see their orders filled in 2023. Ford Authority said commercial orders for the Lightning and the E-Transit are on hold amid increased demand. The move may help Ford double its production for the electric truck by the middle of next year. 

Ford Authority also mentioned that some dealers were surprising order holders with some markups with the high demand. Ford, however, denied this report, saying most of the Lightning trucks are going at MSRP. 

EV Truck Caught In Photo Testing Battery

According to TFL Truck, one 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning prototype worked hard under extreme temperatures in Boulder, Colorado.

The truck was towing a large tandem axle box trailer, and the temperature was minus 13.  

Zach Whiting passed along the photos to the website, and we can see that it’s using a weight-distribution-hitch (WDH). That means the truck is likely pulling a trailer loaded to over 5,000 lbs.