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Professor Babysits for a Student While Giving Lecture: ‘It Takes a Village’

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images)

A simple act of kindness where a lecturing professor is babysitting is making the internet rounds again.

Dr. Aqeel Dix held a student’s baby during a January 2020 class. Another student caught the moment in a video and shared it on social media. 

According to Yahoo! Life, Dix is a health sciences professor at Lincoln University in Oxford, Pa. The unnamed student held a student’s baby while facing the baby’s mother. The baby was cool with it and seemed to relax.

The touching moment came before the pandemic, and many seemed to relish while living in a masked and socially distant world. Dix also wanted to add it showed the importance of teachers, especially during the pandemic. 

Professor A Big Help

“It Takes A Village…When my students need me, I’m there,” Dix captioned his original post. 

Dix explained that the student didn’t want to miss his class because she didn’t have a babysitter. He responded with, “Yes, you do, bring him to class. I’ll take care of him.”

The professor said he didn’t want her to miss class because “they have no one to keep (the) kids.” He went further to say that he would “hold Dr. Dix daycare in the back of my class before I allow them to miss class.”

Dix admitted he often works out special accommodations for students who are in a fix with no babysitter.

The professor rounded out the post by saying that “days like this makes me fall in love with what I do.”

People React With Praise

Since the video resurfaced, many have shared their thoughts about the act.

One commenter said a similar thing happened to her when a professor did the same thing. The commenter was in graduate school and said they would have “forever respect and love (the professor) for it!” 

Maybe it was a commentary on the idea that we need teachers like Dix out there in life.

Another person quoted that Dix was “the epitome of a beautiful soul,” while another related that we need “more human beings like (Dix).”

Greater still was one person’s comment that Dix had “made a difference in someone’s life.”

A No-brainer For The Professor

Dix, who has worked at Lincoln since 2015, said he was unaware of another student filming him. He’s still shocked how viral the moment went. But it was not any problem in the grand scheme of things.

The professor said he’s often tried to “go above and beyond” for his students. That’s come in the form of groceries or helping a student with a flat tire.

But, coming from a big family, he said he knows the challenges of being a single parent.

“They tackle school and work,” Dix said. “It’s a lot to carry. It’s hard for someone who does not have children to take care of to go to school and be successful.”

Dix has met with the baby since the video, saying the child is walking and talking now.

He says teachers are like the building blocks of society, and he wants people to see how crucial the job is, despite that it is “one of the least respected professions.”

“If there’s no teacher, you’ll have no doctor, no nurse, no lawyer,” Dix said.