Prosecutor Says Brian Laundrie Is ‘Extremely Likely’ To Face More Serious Charges If He’s Found Alive

by Chris Haney

In a recent interview, a Florida prosecutor shared his thoughts on the ongoing Brian Laundrie investigation. If authorities find Laundrie alive, it is “extremely likely” he’ll face more serious charges.

Gabby Petito‘s boyfriend is the main person of interest in her disappearance and death. The couple took a months-long van trip across America in recent months. They visited national parks throughout their travels and Gabby documented them on social media.

However, Laundrie abruptly returned to his Florida home with Gabby’s van, but she didn’t come back with him. Authorities eventually found Petito’s body in Grand Teton National Park and stated they believe she died between Aug. 27 and Aug. 30.

Following weeks of Laundrie and his parents refusing to speak to authorities, he went missing. Supposedly he took a hike in the Carlton Reserve, but never returned. Ever since, a massive FBI-led manhunt has been in place in Central Florida looking for his whereabouts.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg spoke to NewsNationNow recently and shared his thoughts on the ongoing investigation. Aronberg says that Sarasota County prosecutors haven’t rushed to file additional charges out of caution and various procedural rules.

For example, a speedy trial is guaranteed for all Florida defendants. Therefore the state has only 180 days to present their case in court once criminal charges are filed. Prosecutors want to avoid triggering the 180-day countdown. So they’ll likely wait until authorities find Laundrie to begin that process. Aronberg also added that he expects Laundrie to face additional, more serious charges when saying “I think it’s coming.” He told the outlet that further serious charges are “extremely likely.”

Florida Prosecutor Addresses Possible Charges Against Brian Laundrie’s Parents

As mentioned, Brian Laundrie nor his parents have agreed to speak with detectives who are handling the Gabby Petito case. During the same NewsNationNow interview, attorney Dave Aronberg said officials probably won’t release Gabby Petito’s cause of death until Laundrie is in custody. In addition, Aronberg speculated on his parent’s possible arrest.

“They have done everything possible to incriminate themselves in the court of public opinion,” Aronberg said. “But in the court of the law, that is different.

Aronberg mentioned the possibility of Brian Laundrie’s parents helping to “sanitize [Petito’s] van.” If they helped their son in any similar way, “now that’ll get ’em hooked for a crime,” Aronberg said. “Then you would see prosecutors getting ready to file charges right away.”

That would also include his parents buying their son a plane ticket to help him flee the state. If they helped him in any way, authorities would officially consider them accessories to the crime.

The prosecutor assumes the state hasn’t found enough evidence on Laundrie’s parents for criminal charges. But he also added that Brian Laundrie’s disappearance could “come back to haunt him.” Aronberg says prosecutors could argue in court that his disappearance implies “consciousness of guilt.”