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Prototype Flying Car Safely Completes First Flight

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ma Jian/VCG via Getty Images)

What do you think of when you hear the words “flying car”? If what comes to your mind is an automobile that sprouts wings at the touch of a button, you should give the latest Klein Vision Aircar a look. It’s not exactly the DeLorean, but we’re pretty impressed.

Earlier this month the Slovakian startup Klein Vision released a video of their latest flying car successfully completing a test flight. The futuristic-looking vehicle took off and landed twice. There is also footage of the car driving which sets it apart from other aircraft of its size.

Klein Vision Has Produced an Actual Flying Car

There is a growing market for flying cars or air taxis. For the most part, though, These vehicles look more like small planes or enormous drones. Even though the small aircraft are touted as flying cars by many sources, none really seem to be both automobile and aircraft. Klein Vision has recently changed that.

The Aircar, on the other hand, functions as both a car and a small two-seater aircraft. According to Klein Vision co-founder Anton Zajac, you will be able to park the Aircar in a normal parking space. That’s a claim that most other models on the market can’t make.

Aircar’s Impressive Stats

Not only can the Aircar bridge the gap between automobile and aircraft it also has some pretty impressive stats. Firstly, the current version of the car can reach heights of 15,000 feet. This puts the aircar in league with a small Cessna.

The Aircar weighs about 2,400 and can carry over 400 extra pounds during flight. It has a reach of over 600 miles and can travel about 120 miles per hour. All of this is done with a BMW 1.6l engine. It’s not quite a fighter jet, but it will make cross country travel a breeze.

The transformation from car to aircraft is simple. No tools or elbow grease are required to make the switch. It all happens at the touch of a button.

More to Come from Klein Vision

According to Klein Vision founder, Professor Stefan Klein, this is only the beginning. He says that within the next six months the startup will have a model with a 300 horse power engine. This will be more than twice the power output of the current model. The increase in power will benefit the vehicle on land and in the air.

It looks like the world could be on the cusp of getting flying cars.