Pulsating UFO Captured in Video Flying Through the Sky

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by: Photo 12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A strange encounter in the skies over Mexico in 2020 has some wondering if what witnesses reported seeing was a UFO. So what happened?

Well, according to The Daily Mail, the incident in question took place on March 19, 2020. It was on that day that two FedEx pilots were in the skies around Monterrey, Mexico.

While flying their cargo plane, the two pilots reportedly noticed what they described as a bright light. The light, they said, fell until it reached the same altitude as their cargo plane. The UFO also reportedly hit them with a ray of light. It then spent about half an hour flying with them before it disappeared.

Fortunately, one of the pilots captured a video of the craft. This video has been reviewed by NARCAP. Or the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena. This nonprofit group reviews reports from pilots about UFO encounters. One of their goals in doing so is creating safety protocols for pilots to use when having such experiences.

Ted Roe, who is the executive director of NARCAP, said that what the two FedEx pilots witnessed in the skies over Mexico that day is “very consistent with what pilots have been reporting for over 100 years.”

The report by NARCAP of the incident did not include the identities of the two pilots. That’s not all that surprising as pilots who report UFO encounters often face ridicule from their colleagues. That still occurs even though governments, including the United States of America, have officially acknowledged that such sightings have taken place.

You can watch the video below shot by the pilot in the skies over Mexico during March 2020 below.

While Watching UFO Pilot Exclaims: ‘It’s Like an Orb, Man. Look at That S**t’

Unsurprisingly, the pilots were shocked by what they were witnessing in the skies over Mexico on that day in March 2020. Their feelings come through in the video they captured of the UFO.

During the video, one of the FedEx pilots describes what he sees. “It’s like an orb, man. Look at that s**t! It’s pulsating. Oh, this is awesome!” the pilot said. “And he’s not (on the plane’s radar), man. … That is s**t hot.”

Many people would be terrified at having witnessed such a sight. That wasn’t the case for these pilots. They were excited. “That is an unidentified flying object bro, I can finally say I saw one. That is cool,” one of the pilots is heard exclaiming in the video. “And it’s pulsating too. Man, that is nuts. I wish we could get closer.”

According to the NARCAP report about the March 2020 incident, the two FedEx pilots are reliable sources. The report states that they are “competent airmen, highly experienced with observing and identifying aircraft, and are capable of determining normal observations and incidents from unusual ones.”