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Raccoon Invades Best Buy to Take Care of Some Holiday Shopping

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Ingolf König-Jablonski/picture alliance via Getty Images

You know, even a raccoon likes to shop for a good holiday bargain.

One of these cute critters wandered into a Toronto Best Buy. It made it all the way to the electronics section in the back of the store before folks took notice there was a raccoon in their midst.

Maybe it was looking for a new big screen TV. Or an Alexa Echo Dot. Raccoons gotta shop, too, right?

“He just wandered in the front door while no one was paying attention and made his way to the back of the store,” said Jamie Muir who told Blogto.com she witnessed the event. She also took video of it.

“We tried coralling him to the front door. “But he absolutely didn’t want to leave because clearly it was awful outside and it was nice and warm inside.”

But What Happened To The Raccoon?

The site BlogTO reported that store workers finally got the raccoon trapped in a box. They moved him outside. Toronto animal control was supposed to pick him up. But Best workers got tired of waiting and set him free, outside, in back of the store.

And, believe it or not, the raccoon tried to get back in before he decided to brave the elements.

OK, so maybe the raccoon wasn’t shopping. It was looking for a nice cozy spot. Canadian raccoons are used to chilly, November weather. It was in the 40s there today. So the poor little guy needed some place toasty to rest up before he went out to forage through trash cans. It was snowy when the video was taken.

Workers used a chair to block his path and reroute him to the door.

As expected, Twitter users were having fun with the topic. Because why not?

It seems raccoons are unofficial mascots of Toronto, Canada’s largest city.

One Twitter user referred to a raccoon sighting at fast food restaurant Tim Horton’s. He wrote “First Erin gets him fired from his job at Timmies, now my friend is being harassed by humans who insist on not social distancing! Just let him shop!”