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Raising ’Em Right: Three Montana Girls Team Up for Lemonade Stand to Raise Money for Veterans

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit Russ Rohde via Getty Images)

Just like every other generation, older folks have had plenty to say about the youth of today. It’s easy to poke fun at, “these kids and their weird dances and horrible music.” In fact, it’s almost a rite of passage for aging adults at this point. However, some of the youth of today are proving that we could all stand to learn a thing or two from them.

Those shining examples prove that there is plenty of grit, determination, and drive left in the new generation. More importantly, some of them show us that the spirit of charity is alive and well. For instance, three girls from Montana teamed up to run a lemonade stand, but they weren’t just earning pocket money. Instead, they gave the proceeds from their venture to local veterans in need.

Dearylin, Shelby, and Reagan are the names of the young ladies who worked the lemonade stand. They’re all between the ages of 5 and 7 years old. So, you could say that they are getting an early start on supporting the troops. The KPAX report on their charitable work doesn’t state the girls’ last names nor does it name their parents. However, we don’t need to know their parents’ names to know that they’re doing a great job raising these young ladies. Our hats are off to everyone involved with this heartwarming act.

The young ladies hail from Kalispell, Montana which is located in Flathead County in the northwestern portion of the state. Their lemonade stand earned $400 for Flathead-area veterans in need. They donated the proceeds from their stand to the Northwest Montana Veterans Food Pantry.

The Girls’ Lemonade Stand Touches Hearts, Helps Veterans

Cinnamon Davis Hall is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Northwest Montana Veterans Food Pantry. She told KPAX that the check from the girls’ lemonade stand came as a surprise. That money will go toward buying food and personal items for veterans in Flathead County.

About the donation, Davis Hall said, “I was so proud of the girls for giving back to the community and giving back to the veterans like that.” She added that she’s also proud of their parents. “For raising such good families and good kids to want to give back.”

Kids Getting Out and Earning Money

Earlier this year, we shared the story of a young man who ran a donation-only lemonade stand for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendees. He hoped to raise money to buy a dirt bike. Additionally, he planned to save some money for college and donate to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

These stories bring a few things about today’s youth to light. First and foremost, they’re willing to get out there and grind for what they want. Additionally, they have big and giving hearts. Finally, it shows us that the lemonade stand may be making a comeback as a viable way for kids to make some extra money.